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Kazura [First Branch]

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Kazura [First Branch]

Post by .Death Angel on Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:16 pm

Kazura Clan
History, Legend of the Clan: The Kazura's Line started with the explosion at a nearby mountain, where power surged. The mountain was forbidden because it was infested with the growth of Narusu Crystals, which the bigger they were, the bigger of a chance they had of mutating certain areas of the body, even chakra if someone was too close of such. It started nearly Five hundred years ago, when someone by the name of "Hanizara Kazura." She was gifted with the power of Condensing her own chakra. She was scared at first, being a shy girl through her life. But figuring out that her chakra was explosive when it had killed her mother in an accidental Explosion. She was said to be cursed with that explosive chakra. She was the few Kunoichi with the ability of Raiton and Fuuton. But her son, when he was born 3 years later, and grown to be 10, realized he had Katon and Fuuton. It was still the same explosion again and again after he figured out how to use his chakra. It scared a lot of the Academy students when they saw this power. Although a lot of the teachers said it would have to be something with the Kekkei Genkai he had obtained. His mother was honored to know her 'curse' was being named a new Kekkei Genkai. She called it "Bakuhaza" because of it's explosive nature, and the 'wave' part just to make it sound a little better. And so, the line of the Kazura began to grow gifted with the experimental power to make things Explode.
Kekkai Genkai or Bloodline of the Clan: The Bakuhaza is a basic Kekkei Genkai that is based upon explosive power. Utilizing two forms of Elemental Release, Katon and Fuuton, or Raiton and Fuuton, a member can condense such power in order to form explosive properties within it. But using this in great amounts, or in too close of range can cause serious injury if not suicide.

In a Less basic form of the Kekkei Genkai Description, the Condensing arrays of the Kazura ability can utilize the condensation of certain elemental release chakra, such as Katon and Fuuton. Utilizing the properties of Condensation of chakra, they can use of such to make stuff, to simply, explode upon contact of objects, people, etc, or At will. The amount of chakra, in a fully detailed explanation, would be the amount holding the amount of power per charge of condensation. Read the chart below. (This is not limited to Fuuton and Katon. Other combination of elements can be read as the same powerful Condensation or Explosion. Such as Raiton and Fuuton.)

Condensed Fuuton Chakra
Condensing Fuuton Chakra is a basic form of the Kazura's ability to condense such substances. Utilizing a set amount of chakra per condensation, can result in powerful fluxes of wind in one area, if not combined with Katon. These "Pushes" of wind can be caused in many ways.

D Rank: C Rank Push.
C Rank: B Rank Push.
B Rank: A Rank Push.
A Rank: A Rank Push.
S Rank: S Rank Push.

Condensed Katon Chakra
Condensing Katon Chakra is a more Advanced way of the Kazura's ability to condense such substances. The ability to manipulate the chakra to Condense Katon chakra can create an explosion beneath the fire that is condensed. With enough force of the Condensation, along with Fuuton, can create an explosion with enough power to....You get the rest.

D Rank Chakra: C Rank Burn.
C Rank Chakra: B Rank Burn.
B Rank Chakra: A Rank Burn.
A Rank Chakra: A Rank Burn.
S Rank Chakra: S Rank Burn.

D Rank Combination: C Rank Explosion.
C Rank Combination: B Rank Explosion.
B Rank Combination: A Rank Explosion.
A Rank Combination: S Rank Explosion.
S Rank Combination: S+ Rank Explosion.

[Optional]Condensed Raiton Chakra
Condensing Raiton chakra is more of a trait for the highly skilled Ninja based on their own elemental releases. Raiton, since it is a hard element to put into a solidified form, takes longer and must take a little bit more time to condense down into an explosive chakra-like state.

Recharging: Although this is a powerful Kekkei Genkai ability to obtain, the drawbacks are as follows. The Ninja, if using an Explosion or Push above B rank, cannot use any Jutsu, due to a lapse in chakra, above C rank. It will require time for the Chakra to settle itself and be able to be usable again. This will take around a Post to Three, depending on the Rank used. And, for an extra drawback, the Ninja cannot use any Jutsu whatsoever for the next two topics if using the S+ Rank, since it makes such a huge explosion.

B Rank: One Post.
A Rank: Two Posts.
S Rank: Three posts.
S+ Rank: Cannot Use Until battle is over. 2 Topic Wait time.

'Other' Combination of elements: Since this is not limited to just Katon and Fuuton, there are other ways to create the explosions from just a mass of condensed chakra. Using Opposite elemental releases such as Raiton and Fuuton can create a way to make a more powerful explosion because of Conflicting elements from their own properties.
Clan Information
- Clan Size: 100- Members.
- Nature and Values: -
Additional Information
- Clan Founder: Hanizara Kazura
- Relationship: -
- Clan Political Structure: Anarchy
- Important Members: Hanizara Kazura
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