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Morkasi clan.

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Morkasi clan.

Post by Razorwolf214 on Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:16 pm

The Clan
History, Legend of the Clan: The Morkasi clan is a small and mostly unknown clan that resides along the brim of the mist village, the clan is not famed or known such as the uchiha clan because they have done little in the time they have been around, and keep to themselves, though a few members are famous for actually becoming jonin.
Kekkai Genkai or Bloodline of the Clan: Aside from red or brown hair and purple eyes the only other traits of the clan are Their stealth, and Their two specificly exclusive abilities, magma, which is a combination of earth, fire and lightning, which can be made solid enough to be a projectile or melee weapon, can be made as an area of effect attack of short range, or turned into a shield wall.
Their dojitsu, the merencogen, is also a very intresting attribute of the clan.
The merencogen serves purpose simply as an X-ray vision, besides the fact it will locate and strategise a way to hit a vital point, its only other function is its powerful ability to, at a fully matured and evolved level, petrify objects into either stone or another strong material, but only a true master of the merencogen can effectivly freeze another living thing.
Its appearence is similer to that of a usual eye, however the irise takes the color of a rustic orange.
It seems to have a waving ripple around the outer eyeball, which is turned purple.
Clan Information
- Clan Size: As a small clan, its maximum of members has topped at around 163.
- Nature and Values: The Morkasi clan keeps to itself, and often only leaves its territory for important missions or for reasons unknown, they are shy to the outside world as they are so small they are scared of change.
Additional Information
- Clan Founder: The clan was founded by someone who adopted the name of Morkasi, essentially making the clan a fake, as its not a natural surname.
- Relationship: Hiruka is generally the same as his clan, the only difference being he wishes to explore outside of his territory.
- Clan Political Structure: The clan runs intself on independance and strategy, it relies on itself for trust purposes and is very unfriendly to strangers.
- Important Members: The most important member of the clan is its founder, who is now in his 90's and is on the verge of death.

The Morkasi clan is currently small and underpopulated.


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