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Kurayami Clan {COMPLETE}

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Kurayami Clan {COMPLETE}

Post by Black☆Star on Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:34 am

Clan Name: Kurayami
Clan Location: Kumogakure
Clan Traits:

Fuuinjutsu Specialists
The members of this clan are usually genius when it comes to the Art of Sealing. Though this is not a "must have" of the clan, it would help altogether greatly.

Hair Color
Members of this Clan all have the hair color of White, or Black. If you are a member, you are not allowed to dye your hair, but Adair's is natural, so it is allowed.

Fire or Earth
Kurayami Clan members have the natural affinities of either Katon or Doton.

Kekkei Genkai: Meiton [Dark Release]
Dark Release is a Yang Element form based on fuuinjutsu. The original 'darkness release' on its own creates voids, or creases in which 'negative space' exists, thus being countered with actual chakra. Assuming chakra is positive, Dark Release creates a negative to cancel it out. It is thus mainly a defensive agent. Though often used on a 1 to 1 basis, meaning that an A-ranked chakra technique could be countered by using the same amount of chakra thus creating no real advantage.

The members of the clan have focused this via fuuinjutsu in that they can use the darkness as a medium for storage and containment of chakra. They can thus 'absorb' any and all ninjutsu form they are with in range of into the fuuinjutsu on their palm. They can then expel this chakra as a pure chakra based attack; breaking a technique down into its bare minimum and storing it. This technique has a capacity, so if one absorbs too much it could be heavily destructive, however otherwise maintains a steady 'immunity' to chakra based techniques.

The seal on the left hand looks like this...

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Dark Release: Inhaling Maw
Rank: C-A
Type: Fuuinjutsu
Element: Dark [Meiton]
Description: The shinobi uses the Dark Release Kekkei Genkai to perform a technique superficially similar to the Chakra Absorption Technique, in order to forcibly extract the physical and spiritual energy of another ninja and absorb it through the upper square of the mark on his left hand. The user can absorb up to an 'A' rank amount of chakra at a time with this technique. After using this ability, Hiruko is able to detect their natural elemental affinity, and then manipulate the victim's chakra and perform ninjutsu.

Name: Dark Release: Judgment
Rank: C-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Dark [Meiton]
Description: The user converts the chakra absorbed with Dark Release: Inhaling Maw into light blue flames, turning it back on his enemies with amplified strength to blow them away. The flames are expelled through the lower square of the mark on the user's left hand.

This clans ability wasn't always in Kumogakure. In fact, they originated in a minor village and was adopted into Lightning Country during their involvement in a past war. While at the time they were seen as a cursed clan whose chakra and release form was made for death and ill omen. Because the made it impossible for others to use ninjutsu with their chakra, they were considered devils and demons, stifling human creation and ability. However, with fuuinjutsu becoming more and more popular within those places with the economy worthy of experimentation, this seemed as though something that could be used in a more universal way. Kumogakure thus bought the clan and they were happy to leave their old country that thought them more of a burden.

Upon arriving in Kumogakure, their abilities were experimented with and augmented with via fuuinjutsu to form a near perfect ninjutsu defense. While they are still considered a minor clan among many others because of how specific their use of technique is, they are quickly becoming known in the hidden village, and by it's many rivals as the secret ninjutsu stopping weapon of the hidden cloud become more and more known and rumored about. With Dark release being tapped into still, it's universal use is still to be discovered; even with so much already known.

Though this clan is primarily in Kumogakure, members have migrated to the other four great nations, to expand.

Clan Founder: "Stray" Kurayami

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Re: Kurayami Clan {COMPLETE}

Post by Hayato Uchiha on Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:07 pm

Use the correct template please!

[b][u]The Clan[/b][/u]
[b]History, Legend of the Clan:[/b]
[b]Kekkai Genkai or Bloodline of the Clan:[/b]
[b]Clan Information[/b]
 - [u]Clan Size[/u]:
 - [u]Nature and Values[/u]:
[b]Additional Information[/b]
 - [u]Clan Founder[/u]:
 - [u]Relationship[/u]:
 - [u]Clan Political Structure[/u]:
 - [u]Important Members[/u]:
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