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Hiruka Morkasi (Finished except for Jutsu)

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Hiruka Morkasi (Finished except for Jutsu)

Post by Razorwolf214 on Tue Aug 02, 2011 10:10 pm

Hiruka Morkasi

Live Your own way.

Character Name: Hiruka Morkasi.
-------Alias or nickname: N/A.
Zodiac Sign:(Page didnt work)
Age: 15.
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hidden mist.
Sexuality: Straight.

Village: Hidden mist
Rank: Chuunin.
Element(s): Fire, Lightning, earth. (Leads to possible combination to create magma.)
Specialties: Your Specialties. Choose 1 Main and 1 Sub; Taijutsu, Ninjutsu.
Alignment: Neutral; Neutral
Occupation: Ninja.
Special Characteristics: Addiction to weapon sharpening.(If that counts)

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 169lbs.
Hair: dark red, bloodline trait.
Eyes: Purple, bloodline trait
Others: A thin scar running diagonally from the center of his left cheek until just the edge of his top lip.
General Appearance:
Average sized, it considered average looking but is commonly associated with speed because of the fact he is very quick to move at the slightest of moments.
Has unkempt red hair that reaches his chin, roughly framing his face with a few strands of hair covering part of his left eye.
Purple eyes with barely visible pupils.
Mostly wears a dark grey/bright black T shirt with fishnet around the shoulders on the outside, it has detatched sleeves that reach donw to halfway along his forearm, and gloves with a metal plate along the topside of his hand, with his village symbol engraved on it.
Wears typical ninja pants with pouch on leg.

Personality: Often edgy, but otherwise very unattentive and commonly daydreams, he isent lazy, but it very, very bored and finds most things of little intrest, can occaisonally be deiceitful should the need arise.

The Clan
History, Legend of the Clan: The Morkasi clan is a small and mostly unknown clan that resides along the brim of the mist village, the clan is not famed or known such as the uchiha clan because they have done little in the time they have been around, and keep to themselves, though a few members are famous for actually becoming jonin.
Kekkai Genkai or Bloodline of the Clan: Aside from red or brown hair and purple eyes the only other traits of the clan are Their stealth, and Their two specificly exclusive abilities, magma, which is a combination of earth, fire and lightning, which can be made solid enough to be a projectile or melee weapon, can be made as an area of effect attack of short range, or turned into a shield wall.
Their dojitsu, the merencogen, is also a very intresting attribute of the clan.
The merencogen serves purpose simply as an X-ray vision, besides the fact it will locate and strategise a way to hit a vital point, its only other function is its powerful ability to, at a fully matured and evolved level, petrify objects into either stone or another strong material, but only a true master of the merencogen can effectivly freeze another living thing.
Its appearence is similer to that of a usual eye, however the irise takes the color of a rustic orange.
It seems to have a waving ripple around the outer eyeball, which is turned purple.
Clan Information
- Clan Size: As a small clan, its maximum of members has topped at around 163.
- Nature and Values: The Morkasi clan keeps to itself, and often only leaves its territory for important missions or for reasons unknown, they are shy to the outside world as they are so small they are scared of change.
Additional Information
- Clan Founder: The clan was founded by someone who adopted the name of Morkasi, essentially making the clan a fake, as its not a natural surname.
- Relationship: Hiruka is generally the same as his clan, the only difference being he wishes to explore outside of his territory.
- Clan Political Structure: The clan runs intself on independance and strategy, it relies on itself for trust purposes and is very unfriendly to strangers.
- Important Members: The most important member of the clan is its founder, who is now in his 90's and is on the verge of death.

Character Skills
The character knows how to make his way through the streets without calling attention to himself. He knows how to observe a subject while on the move, how to the shadows to avoid detection, utilize probable short cuts, and keep a safe distance to avoid suspicion.
• Crowds
• Hide
• Menace
• Night
• Plain Sight
• Chase

Also training in climbing and leaping, for stealth missions he is sent on.

Name:Rasshu o seigen suru(Litterally meaning limit rush), and:Shadoumisuto o shintō no jutsu, meaning seeping shadow mist jutsu.
Rank: Limit rush:C, seeping shadow mist:B
Type: Limit rush:Taijutsu, Seeping shadow mist:Ninjutsu/genjutsu
Element: Limit rush:Lightning. Seeping shadow mist:water and wind.
Description: Limit rush:
Limit rush is activated by using the tiger, horse, tiger and rat hand signs in that order, causing chakra to build at Their feet, they then rush around extremely quickly, with the rmerencogen active, it will lock onto an enemy and surround them until they are dizzy enough to be hit multiply times, if used on multiple targets the attack warps the user to each enemy for a second to hit each once, a fully matured merencogen will allow for multiple hits to each.
Seeping shadow mist jutsu:
Without any hand signs, this technique is a Merencogen ability, though only discovered by Hiruka, shadow seeps slowly from the users body, and then expands, until everything is dark, with the merencogen, it has like a smokescreen, allowing to see through the darkness to the enemy, but using this will wear out alot of chakra and will eventually cause the user to have to suck the shadow back up, resulting an several hours of recovery, used only when needed and sparingly.

Duration: Seeping shadow mist lasts for 4 posts, thinning with each post, by the 3rd post the mist is nearly gone and it is just slightly dark around the user, this is the point where they must begin recollecting the shadow.

Kunai x 5, double bladed katana.
Name:Katana:Raifuburēdo (Life blade)
Rank: C
Element: N/A
Natural Abilities: Can fend off multiple enemies, and is best used to delay or decapitate.
Special Abilities: It is double edged, double the slaughter.

*Kenjutsu, Weaponry and Taijutsu users only.**
Name: Shi no kage FI (Death shadow fist/blade style)
Rank: C+
Style Type: Taijutsu, weaponry
Style Weapon: Raifuburēdo
Description: The style is aimed for loose and unpredictable attacks to throw the opponent off guard long enough to create openings or study them with the merencogen.
Without the sword it is aimed simply to hit fast and hard without the enemy knowing it will happen.
It is often used by Hiruka with the substitution technique and transformation jutsu to make the enemy confused.
With the sword its intention is to delimb the enemy, making for an easy kill.

Kiruka is a child of 15 who has had a plain and unintresting life, he has worked alongside his older brother to help run the business for years, but longs to go out into the world, from birth he has been depressed and bored, the same old misty village grew tiresome quickly.
Birth arc
Hiruka was born into his family, and began quickly devloping his merencogen, by 4 he was able to develop the seeping shadow mist technique.
Academy Arc
At the age of 6 he was inducted into the academy to train, he was praised to have made two techniques by such a young age, and by the time he was 7 he begun working on a new jutsu, at this stage he has not decided if it if finished, should be used, or needs to be fine-tuned.
Secrets of the merencogen arc
Hiruka learns in this arc how to actually use the merencogen, and devlops it to its second level, making it appear to have devloped a glow that shines from the irises, with the pupil in the centre now being gold.

RP Sample:
Hiruka wandered slowly into the room, hands in pockets, he turned his head to the left, and to the right, before walking over and dropping into the sofa.
He stretched out and relaxed a bit, looking around the room and sighing.
The same old boring house.
He heard something creak from the kitchen, and swiftly drew his kunai, he puffed a bit of his red hair from his eye and ever so silently crept in.
"Morning sweetie." His mother said, Hiruka jumped and dropped his kunai to the floor, sweat forming in embarressment.
He bent down and retrieved his weapon, before simply dismissing his mother as his mother and went back to the sofa, plopping down in it once again, he began scraping two of his kunai together, sharpening them.
He rolled his eyes and stepped up, turned, and left the room, he would try out his new jutu, see if it was ready yet.

Character sheet mostly done, now to spend another hour doing other things, read, approve, disapprove, whatever, this took a long time to get to the right regulations but eh, whatever Your thoughts are let me know and I'll see what I can do.


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