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Takoru - Iwa Chuunin - WiP

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Takoru - Iwa Chuunin - WiP

Post by Avarice. on Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:14 pm

Himasaku, Takoru

"Never show anyone your tricks. They'll beg you and they'll flatter you for the secret, but as soon as you give it up... you'll be nothing to them."

* 'it's society's mask, it's society's way'
{. this is your stage, your character .}

Character Name: Takoru Himasaku
-------Alias or nickname: Tak
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hometown: Star
Sexuality: Straight

Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Element(s): None
Specialties: Weaponry, Medical
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Occupation: Engineer
Special Characteristics:

Criminal Record
The character has been convicted of a crime and has spent time in prison. The police know the character on sight, and he May be rounded up from time to time and questioned about various crimes. Most legitimate employers who discover his secret will not retain his services. Most police, ANBU or other branch will not take a character's sarcasm or any sort of Bull**** that has a record.


The character suffers from protracted bouts of depression and may appear sullen and morose for days or weeks a time, in the past the character has been driven to desperate acts by loneliness or failed love affairs. Melancholy may be further intensified through alcohol or drug addiction.

Excellent Liar Trait
The character is extremely good at Lying, no one can read him even with the use of special mind probing jutsu or lie detectors. This unique trait is extremely useful. The only way to uproot a lie created is to prove it wrong; and even then the character may simply play the lie even more.

You are plagued with addictions. In a vain attempt to escape misery, you discovered dependence. Addiction itself is particularly abhorrent to Ninja, who view all loss of self-control as a dire weakness. Despite this cultural bias, some addictions are more socially acceptable than others.
-Current Situation: You partake in your would-be addiction regularly, but not overly frequently. You show no overt signs of dependence or addiction, but if you are denied access to your favored vice, you become short-tempered and irritable.
Addicted to: Drugs, Mainly Cocaine.

* 'and the truth is...it's all a façade!'
{. appearance .}

Height: 5'7
Weight: 137lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Others: None
General Appearance:
Tak is a double-take at first sight. He has a sickly appearance with palely white skin. Eyes usually blood-shot and red around the eyes. Like someone who hasn't blinked enough or gotten enough sleep. His hair is black and short, just long enough to cover his ears. His body is not that physically fit. He has a lanky body yet is surprisingly strong, he does not work-out or have very much "tone" to his muscled areas, but he is fit enough to make a stealthy escape. He is quite flexible and agile while not as physically strong.

His dress follows in close suit of his appearance. He wears an odd assortment of rag-tag gear that he has picked up here and there. Normally he wears a long sleeved hooded jacket without a zipper. it has a white front and black sleeves and back, the hood is also black. He wears general gym-shorts for trousers, which fall to just below his knee, they are a bit loose which makes them even longer. He wears simple sneakers for kicks. He also has a large assortment of black straps around his body which he uses to hold various objects for his own personal use. (generally drugs).

* 'and what's hiding inside....behind all of our fears'
{. the facts .}

A typical Punk. The Kid likes things his way and doesn't like being told otherwise. He is authoritative and aggressive, he tells people how it is. He likes to think of himself as a bad-ass and usually gets into more trouble then its worth. Most times he is calm and chilled but his temper is short and likely to spark out if someone insults him or any of his friends. At times, he can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, he pulls it together. He believes he has the whole world under his spell, and he can influence almost everyone he knows. He is manipulative in a manner but not extremely mean, he might say something to make a person trust him because he wants to be their friend, not to kill them later. Hes likely to get into a lot of trouble, but his kind of trouble is fun. He is somewhat comical in a sarcastic way.

He is lively and unpredictable most of the time. He is swift in thought and quick on his feet. He doesn't usually think things through and that usually ends up biting him in the butt later on. He can rarely resist his urges to do something that will draw attention to him, most times it is for his own self-accomplishment, he likes to get into trouble then blame it on others, adding to the own personal comedy. He is usually kind and supportive of people unless they are total jerks to him, in which he usually holds grudges. People who are jerks to him, he returns the favor.

Despite all this effort to make himself look better, he is really a destroyed soul on the inside as many ambiguous teens are. He doesn't sleep well at night which makes him crabby at times and is usually depressed but can put on a mask to avoid people questioning his motives. He feels alone in the world, even when with true friends, not the one's he bribed with comedy.

Character Skills
Medicine is the science of the human body, in sickness and in health. A character with this skill is able to repair wounds and perform operations on the human body. He is, at least, conversant with the proper structure and functioning of the body and thus able to diagnose wounds and illnesses and perform the necessary operations to restore the body to health. The character will be able to observe the physiological responses of his companions and assess their condition even without the opportunity for a complete physical examination. The physician may be able to ascribe sinister causes to symptoms of which the sufferer himself is barely aware. If a medically trained character is given the opportunity to examine a wound, he will be able to determine the nature and severity of the injury and to prescribe a treatment. A character with this skill is familiar with the gross anatomical arrangements of the human body and the peculiarities of the various demonic, unliving and half-living forms. Anatomical medicine is part of the curriculum in a medical college, as it is thought that a doctor should practice cutting a dead body before being allowed to cut into a live one. Thus, the character is able to determine whether a body is human, making judgments on the living or unliving nature of a specimen; a skilled physician can work from very fragmentary materials.
• Combat Surgery

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Re: Takoru - Iwa Chuunin - WiP

Post by Avarice. on Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:02 pm

* 'livin' like a masquerade...actin' a bizarre charade'
{. the fun stuff .}

Name:The Name of your Technique
Rank: The rank, E, D, C, B, A, or S. E being weakest, S being strongest.
Type: The type, (Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, etc.)
Element: The element, if any.
Description: A Detailed description of the Jutsu.
Duration: For Supportive and Genjutsu jutsu. (Lasts 3 Posts... etc.) Optional.

Weapons with No Special Abilities or Common weapons do not need a description. Simply list them, (example. Kunai, Shuriken, Katana, etc.)
Name:The Name of your weapon.
Rank: The rank of your Weapon.
Element: The element of your Weapon if any.
Natural Abilities: What your weapon can do naturally. (I.E. A mace can bash skulls, a Sword can cut limbs off.) be specific.
Special Abilities: What is so great about your weapon? If anything.

*Kenjutsu, Weaponry and Taijutsu users only.**
Name: The Name of your Style.
Rank: The rank of your Style.
Style Type: Taijutsu, Kenjutsu or Weaponry
Style Weapon: The weapon your style uses, (Example, Daggers, Sword) If any.
Description: A description of the Style. Be detailed!

* 'is our true self....locked inside the façade!'
{. the history .}

Your history should describe your Ninja's life from birth to present. If it is important to the plot of your character that his or her history remains unknown, inform a moderator and they will talk to you about it. This must be separated into Arcs like so:
Birth Arc
Character was born
Academy Arc
and so on.

RP Sample:A sample of how you role play. If you have never role played before, DO NOT PUT ANYTHING here. You will be forced to be a genin and learn how to Role Play; but we are willing to teach you.

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