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Ruin Amizaru [WiP]

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Ruin Amizaru [WiP]

Post by .Death Angel on Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:53 pm

Amizaru Ruin

"To those who have lived as long as I have. I wish I never was born Immortal."

* 'I don't want to see loved ones die, while I live on.'

Character Name: Ruin Amizaru.
-------Alias or nickname: Immortal.
Zodiac Sign: Tiger
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hometown: Getsugakure no Sato
Sexuality: Straight

Village: Konohagakure no Sato.
Rank: Jonin
Element(s): Katon & Doton
Specialties: Weaponry, Fuuinjutsu.
Alignment: Neutral Chaotic
Occupation: Blacksmith
Special Characteristics:

The character is equally adept at using either hand. Although ambidexterity is rare at birth, it can be learned. Most duelists spend their whole lives refining this talent.

The character has impeccable credentials that are of great use when opening up doors to Ninja society. Perhaps he has a signed recommendation from a well-known Member of The Clan Council, a high-ranking associate in The Hokage's personal guard, or an uncle with prominent ties among medical circles. In short, the character will seldom want for employment and can get admission into the best private schools and exclusive clubs. He will be able to obtain audiences and even favors from individuals who would otherwise be disinclined to hear him out. However, if the character abuses this ability, he may find that his credentials are no longer as sterling as they once were.

Able Bodied
The character is in excellent physical shape. He heals quickly and is seldom ill.

Light Sleeper
The character is very light sleeper. Any noise at all will instantly awaken him to a state of full alert. The character is no easier to sneak up on while asleep than he is when he is awake.

The character suffers from protracted bouts of depression and may appear sullen and morose for days or weeks a time, in the past the character has been driven to desperate acts by loneliness or failed love affairs. Melancholy may be further intensified through alcohol or drug addiction.

The character has large gaps in his memories. Depending on the severity of his amnesia, the character could have lost the details of a few important events of his life, whole months or years, or nearly his entire life’s history. Sometimes the character may grasp onto fleeting memories as if in a dream, but these instances are rare and the memories are indistinct, as if they happened to another person. Occasionally the character may become confused about dates, places or people. He may even adopt a fictional history in order to fill the gaps in his own memory. Amnesia is generally caused by damage to the brain, severe physical or psychological trauma, disease or drugs.

* 'Life is too long... Make it end'
{. appearance .}

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 230lbs
Hair: Midnight Black.
Eyes: Golden.
Others: Blaze Tattoo on Back.
General Appearance: The general appearance.

* 'I wish to see... My mother again.'
{. the facts .}

Personality: Ruin is a 'different' kind of character. He can be nervous, caring, outgoing, passionate, and Shy at the same time. Mainly his normal personality, for everyday activities, he's always thinking about something, something that happened earlier in his life, how stuff became the way it is. He's always thinking about that kind of stuff. Whenever he's working on some metal, either crafting a new weapon or whatever it is; if he's interrupted, he'll quickly just shift to something nervous and try and avoid talking. If it's an important figure or a client, he'll respond, anyone else, he'll ignore.

For his Battle/mission/Ninja personality, he's far different. He's determines for two things: Finishing the mission without fail, and protecting a comrade or a loved one in battle. He's highly determined to do either with self-sacrifice if necessary. He always uses his weapons, no matter how they're used. If they're detached, he'll hold them with his hands, and use them, on his wrists, he'll use them normally. He's determined enough to be passionate in battle, but also surveying and thinking out moves before he makes them. He's stylish when it comes to fighting.

When with his clan, he is always, always professional, no matter what he does. He thinks things over whenever he is doing paperwork for the clan; which is usually when he's not on a mission or doing something for the village. He's a shut-in person, but social whenever the clan comes to visit him or he visits them. He loves to help out whenever he can, no matter how busy he can get.

The Clan
History, Legend of the Clan:

The First set of Amizaru were known as Tenzo Amizaru and Yin Amizaru. They were in an accident from a powerful catastrophic backfire from a breaking seal. It was sometime after the first powerful blade was sealed away from all existence, being made as time was dawning. Although these two attempted to get the said blade for power over others. But their plan backfired, the seal was far, far too strong for their Jutsu, and put a so-called 'curse' on them. They were cursed with immortal lives, which gave them a large tattoo of a burn-like mark that was scary to look at. Although this could be used in another way, as if to make something from this, Tenzo and Yin used this immortally to figure a way to get the Blade of Time. Although their efforts were futile around the third time they set foot on that sacred land. Seventy years passed, not a second aged from their bodies. They were a young couple, around the age of 19. It's like they stopped aging at all, keeping their youth. And once they had a son and a daughter, they also stopped at those ages. It was interesting but at the same time annoying and frustrating. No matter how hard they worked, how much they... 'did things'. They couldn't age even a bit. It was a thousand years after that, they finally killed themselves from the frustration of being alive so long.

So their son and daughter began the line of Amizaru to keep the line of immortals running through time, exploring all parts of everything that happened to be. They spread out over almost every country and part of the world, searching for answers, searching for knowledge. They wanted to know, and live. They tried desperately to stay away from love, but got caught too much into it and some of the population died out from Suicide. The curse of Immortality. The only thing keeping them from Death is Solitude.

Kekkai Genkai or Bloodline of the Clan:

There is no name for their ability, merely, let us call it Immortality. They can still die by normal means, and are capable of ending themselves, but there is a flaw. They can live endlessly for millennium and not age a second. This is caused by a type of Immortality called, "Ageless Incarnation." They appear to be dark and demon-like in some features of their skin and body, but are like many normal ninja around the world. They cannot rapidly heal wounds, nor live through a fatal blow. Although their manipulation over the Katon elemental release is heavily increased by a high number because of their demonic nature through this immortality.

They have an increased ability with fire, and can use it along with some forms of manipulation. This is the only elemental release they can freely control, but with drawbacks. They can only use Fire they use with their own chakra, and cannot use another fire made by someone else.

-RP note: Must start out at normal age. Age stops at 19.

Clan Information
- Clan Size: 150 Members.
- Nature and Values: They long for other immortals such as themselves. Although they can die by normal means, they don't have the courage to take their own lives. The Amizaru mainly want to love and love before they themselves die from either battle or passionate suicide. Basically all they want in the world is eternal.
Additional Information
- Clan Founder: Tenzo Amizaru
- Relationship: Current Leader
- Clan Political Structure: Anarchy.
- Important Members: Tenzo & Yin Amizaru, Ruin Amizaru.

Character Skills

The character knows how to make his way through the streets without calling attention to himself. He knows how to observe a subject while on the move, how to the shadows to avoid detection, utilize probable short cuts, and keep a safe distance to avoid suspicion.
• Crowds.

Any sick bastard can cause pain to his fellow men when he wants something from them, but only a character with the Torture skill has actually studied the applied science of causing pain for the purpose of extracting information. These characters are more likely to be creative in their approach to the situation and to finding the answers they seek than someone relying solely on their innate power of intimidation. In fact, characters employing torture are often able to extract the information they seek regardless of whether or not it is actually true.
Torture can be quick and brutal or slow and methodical. Brutal techniques, while fast, can make a mess of the victim and often result in premature death or incomplete information. A methodical professional who takes his time at his work tends to be able to wring more information or a more complete confession from his subject. In either case, the torturer requires a victim who is powerless to halt the physical duress he endures when put to the question. The player controlling the torturer should begin by describing his demeanor, the punishment inflicted on the victim, and the questions asked or comments made.
• Blunt Trauma

* 'Power comes at a Price.'
{. the fun stuff .}

Name:The Name of your Technique
Rank: The rank, E, D, C, B, A, or S. E being weakest, S being strongest.
Type: The type, (Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, etc.)
Element: The element, if any.
Description: A Detailed description of the Jutsu.
Duration: For Supportive and Genjutsu jutsu. (Lasts 3 Posts... etc.) Optional.


Basic Weapon List
x20 Kunai
x20 Shuriken
x05 Reels of Wire.
x02 Scrolls.
x40,000 Links of 'Lesser' Amizaru chain. (2 Scroll of 20,000 each)

Advanced Weapons
Name: Left Arm - Terra
Rank: A
Element: Doton
Natural Abilities: The Natural Ability of 'Terra' is to extend out a 'one meter' spike made of black Materite. The substance is easily linked with the mechanisms that can hold the spike in place inside or outside of the mechanism. This can be used for easy release. A force of Momentum can also apply in releasing the spike. If Ruin's arm comes out to punch, he can stop the punch easily and the mechanism will be released, which will stop the spike at the 1 meter point. If anything is in the way, it'll be pierced because of the sharp spike.
Special Abilities: 'Terra' has been embedded with the trait of a strengthened power in Doton, and Doton only. This cannot match with it's sister, for it is opposing elements. Although the Spike is embedded with the power of Doton, it can only strengthen Ruin's power with it. It cannot use Ninjutsu, only Weaponry-based Ninjutsu (Considered Weaponry Techniques). It can extend out, and use it's power, only when it's in use, whenever active. Ruin must say the words in a dead language to say, "Shatter, Terra", which will activate the brand.

Name: Right Arm - Blaze
Rank: A
Element: Katon
Natural Abilities: The Natural Ability of 'Blaze' is to extend out a 'one meter' spike made of black Materite. The substance is easily linked with the mechanisms that can hold the spike in place inside or outside of the mechanism. This can be used for easy release. A force of Momentum can also apply in releasing the spike. If Ruin's arm comes out to punch, he can stop the punch easily and the mechanism will be released, which will stop the spike at the 1 meter point. If anything is in the way, it'll be pierced because of the sharp spike.
Special Abilities: 'Blaze' is slightly different than 'Terra'. It can be used both for Weaponry-like abilities, such as Weaponry-based Ninjutsu (Considered Weaponry Techniques), and also have the ability to shoot out his Katon chakra from the spike if had momentum on it's part. It basically has every ability Terra has, only in a Katon Form.

Name: 'Lesser' Amizaru Chain.
Rank: B
Element: -
Natural Abilities: The Abilities of the "Lesser" Amizaru chain are simple. From their Superior brand of chain, which are inescapable and indestructible, these can be destroyed and escaped from. The black chains have small spikes on the corners of every last link. The item can be channeled with small amounts of chakra, or elemental chakra for that last or additional attack. These can also be a Medium for most Elemental attacks that can be channeled through, such as Raiton, Katon, and Suiton. Since they are Lightweight and require little room, Ruin can store these in his back pouch, and/or can summon more through a Summoning scroll. The Maximum amount of chains he can conjure is around 20,000 links. Which all need to be either returned to the scroll they have been summoned from or back in his pouch. His pouch can carry up to 20 links.
Special Abilities: -


Name: Twin Slice Style.
Rank: S
Style Type: Weaponry
Style Weapon: Spike Mechanisms [Ruin Only]
Description: Ruin has a basic Setup of Two elemental Spike Mechanisms which of course, extract spikes out from the middle mechanism. Once released, the spikes can be used as a close-range weapon for minor or major wounds. There are three types of attacks Ruin can use with the way he made the mechanisms. There is a switch to release under the pressured part of each, above the top of the hand. Shifting his hand he can release the spike with the automatic pressure; because of this, if he has the thing close to an opponent, or touching it, he can shift his hand to make it wing out and stab into that area. Another way is to use it as close-ranged attached daggers, which can be used along with his speed since they don't weight enough to slow him down too much. The final way is to use it in both ways, using the extracting and the slash at the same time. His arms have concealed enough power to be able to swing them around and keep them on his wrists.

* 'Our histories, we'd like to keep to ourselves.'
{. the history .}

Your history should describe your Ninja's life from birth to present. If it is important to the plot of your character that his or her history remains unknown, inform a moderator and they will talk to you about it. This must be separated into Arcs like so:
Birth Arc
Character was born
Academy Arc
and so on.

RP Sample:A sample of how you role play. If you have never role played before, DO NOT PUT ANYTHING here. You will be forced to be a genin and learn how to Role Play; but we are willing to teach you.
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