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Bijuu Sighting The Countries Take Action!

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Bijuu Sighting The Countries Take Action!

Post by lady seu nara on Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:36 pm

International Report:

Tea Country : A large spiritual force has been seen roaming the coast.
The energy of the unknown spirit has caused massive blanketing fog, whirl winds, Craters ,wide spread decay and strange horrific disappearances.
Locals have said Cattle, Animals, and even People have appeared strung up in the trees, only dry husks of mummified Flesh.
Fertile lands have become choked with death, rot, and contamination of a unknown substance.
There seems to be no explanation for it by natural terms, and the tea country is in chaos as the strange fog begins to move inland causing ghastly damage, and destruction.

A Level 10 Shinobi Alert
has been sent out to all Hidden villages, and their nations.

(Kouhi )Amimono

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lady seu nara

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