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From the top, to the bottom. [Open]

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From the top, to the bottom. [Open]

Post by реи-цчан on Sat Jul 10, 2010 4:34 am

The graveyard. This place was fairly common when you were a shinobi. Whether you be one buried in the dirt, or one whom walks the ways and visits the graves of loved ones. Rei was visiting her mother. She remembers her mothers touch when she was hurt and upset, her mothers calm and soothing voice, and most of all... she remembers how much her mother had loved her. That was the most important thing to the young kunoichi. On this dark night, the very little clouds that were in the sky were a dark gray. The stars twinkled in the sky, like they had for thousands of years before our generation. The moon was full, and gave off the light in which Rei used to see, since the village was pitch black. Rei walked down the pathways and made her way to her mothers gravestone. The inscription read:

Miyo Uchiha
A beloved wife and mother

The girl never got tired of hearing that. "Beloved Wife." What a bunch of crap. If it wasn't for her husband, Rei's father, she wouldn't be in this horrid place. She knelt before the tombstone, and tried to keep a straight face. After all, shinobi cannot show emotion. It looked as if she wasn't going to cry, until a teardrop rolled down her cheek and landed on the dirt. After that one fell, the rest kept on coming down. After two minutes of sulking, Rei looked up at the sky. She had finally calmed down. Pathetic... A voice echoed in her mind. She went wide eyed and looked around. "Who's there!?" She hollered. You can't see me. The voice stated. "If you show yourself I would!" She said back, stilling looking in every direction possible. She awaited an answer, and nothing. Did he leave? "Who are you..." She whispered to herself. I'm you... The voice whispered back. "Impossible." Rei said. I'm your inner self. From now on, I control you. The voice said to her. "I won't allow that..." She said calmly. She wasn't that all freaked out about this now. Very well... I'll aid you in combat and everything. From the looks of you, you need all the extra help you can get. She agreed to that. Then again, what other choice did she have? There was a long silence, and the sun started to rise. The sky was a light pink and Rei looked over the horizon, as if nothing ever happened the night before.

OOC: My character has discovered her inner demon.

Word Count;; 404 (417 if you add the quote)

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