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Roxas Tsuchii [WiP]

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Roxas Tsuchii [WiP]

Post by Sora on Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:08 am

Tsuchii, Roxas.

"Our life is what we choose of it; not what others want it to be."

* 'it's society's mask, it's society's way'

Character Name: Roxas; Tsuchii
-------Alias or nickname: Moon Crystal ; Laser Whisperer.
Zodiac Sign: Rabbit.
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Hometown: Yukigakure no Sato {| Moon Country |}
Sexuality: Straight.

Village: Konohagakure no Sato. {| Leaf Village |}
Rank: ANBU
Element(s): Fire • Katon ; Lightning • Raiton
; Main - Ninjutsu
; Sub - Kenjutsu
Alignment: Good - Lawful
Occupation: Blacksmith - Jounin +
Special Characteristics:
Social specs:

Animal Empathy
The character exudes a calming influence on animals. He is seldom bitten or snarled at and animals immediately like him. If he abuses an animal, it will act confused before becoming aggressive.

Reputation - Street
The character is well-known and respected figure on the streets of the Ninja World. He may be known as a killer not to be crossed, an honest costermonger or a likable thief. In any case, the character is generally regarded as a member of the Family in good standing. The character may be sought out for jobs or information. He can find information, weapons, pharmaceuticals, and inexpensive stolen goods with little trouble. If he is holding misappropriated property, he will have no trouble finding a fence to move the goods. When in need, he can find a safe house in which to hide until trouble passes.

Supernatural specs:
The character has a strange and uncontrollable oracular ability which manifests in dreams. This talent may be attributed to latent psychic abilities, a weird reaction to opiates, or another cause altogether. Whatever the case, from time to time, the character dreams of the near future, catching glimpses of events before they occur. These events always relate to the character or those closest to him. The character is only able to glean snippets from his dreams. These' visions are heavily symbolic and vague; the future is never spelled out. (Note; SMALL SNIPPETS. NOT A PSYCHIC)

The character possesses a mysterious factor that keeps him from getting ill, literally rendering him immune to unknown pathogens, including the Plague. (Not Poisons/Acids/Etc, only "Disease")

Essence Swap
The character's body and chakra network are bound more closely then normal, his blood vessels and chakra pathways cross and double back on each other. Because of this, the character can swap essences, trading chakra for health and vise-versa, The ratio is 3 to 1. You send rank C And you heal a Level E wound. You cannot use more then an A-rank amount, (Which would heal a C rank Wound). And this can only be used once per topic.

Physical Specs:
Able Bodied
The character is in excellent physical shape. He heals quickly and is seldom ill.

Light Sleeper
The character is very light sleeper. Any noise at all will instantly awaken him to a state of full alert. The character is no easier to sneak up on while asleep than he is when he is awake.

Mental specs:
Photographic Memory
The character remembers everything he sees and hears with absolute clarity. To represent this extraordinary gift, the player controlling the character should take copious notes throughout play to represent his character's memory.

The character has become accustomed to the horrors of the Ninja world and possesses a steely resolve.

Synestiesia is a mental condition in which a stimulus from one sense elects a response in another sense. For instance, someone with synesthesia, called a synaesthete, may be able to see sounds, taste shapes, or read otherwise black-and-white printed words in color. A synaesthete cannot control when the synesthesia occurs or what stimulus triggers it. The responses are consistent; a synaesthete who hears color will always hear color and will always hear the same colors in the same way. Synesthesia is not a disease and is not considered harmful. Synaesthetic sensations, like ordinary ones, are not always pleasant: some colors may sound grating or shrill, for example. Synaesthetes tend to possesses creative minds and exceptional memories.

Time Sense
The character is never late. He possesses a preternatural sense of timing and knows the exact time down to a few seconds. Because punctuality and timeliness are intimately tied to professionalism in the Ninja mind, time sense is a much valued aptitude.

* 'and the truth is...it's all a façade!'

Height: 6"4
Weight: 84kgs
Hair: Violet-blue.
Eyes: Smokey-grey; Not seen in picture.
General Appearance:

* 'and what's hiding inside....behind all of our fears'


The Clan
History, Legend of the Clan: The History of your Clan.
Kekkai Genkai or Bloodline of the Clan: What is Special about your Clan?
Clan Information
- Clan Size: Size as in Population, use a variant (ex. 150-200 members)
- Nature and Values: How your clan acts and how they feel about the world around them.
Additional Information
- Clan Founder: The Founder (Optional)
- Relationship: Your characters Relationship with the Clan.
- Clan Political Structure: How your Clan runs. (Optional)
- Important Members: Important Members of the Clan (Optional)

Character Skills
Copy from the Skill list and Past here.

* 'livin' like a masquerade...actin' a bizarre charade'
{. the fun stuff .}

Name:The Name of your Technique
Rank: The rank, E, D, C, B, A, or S. E being weakest, S being strongest.
Type: The type, (Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, etc.)
Element: The element, if any.
Description: A Detailed description of the Jutsu.
Duration: For Supportive and Genjutsu jutsu. (Lasts 3 Posts... etc.) Optional.

Weapons with No Special Abilities or Common weapons do not need a description. Simply list them, (example. Kunai, Shuriken, Katana, etc.)
Name:The Name of your weapon.
Rank: The rank of your Weapon.
Element: The element of your Weapon if any.
Natural Abilities: What your weapon can do naturally. (I.E. A mace can bash skulls, a Sword can cut limbs off.) be specific.
Special Abilities: What is so great about your weapon? If anything.

*Kenjutsu, Weaponry and Taijutsu users only.**
Name: The Name of your Style.
Rank: The rank of your Style.
Style Type: Taijutsu, Kenjutsu or Weaponry
Style Weapon: The weapon your style uses, (Example, Daggers, Sword) If any.
Description: A description of the Style. Be detailed!

* 'is our true self....locked inside the façade!'
{. the history .}

Your history should describe your Ninja's life from birth to present. If it is important to the plot of your character that his or her history remains unknown, inform a moderator and they will talk to you about it. This must be separated into Arcs like so:
Birth Arc
Character was born
Academy Arc
and so on.

RP Sample:A sample of how you role play. If you have never role played before, DO NOT PUT ANYTHING here. You will be forced to be a genin and learn how to Role Play; but we are willing to teach you.


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