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Yasuragi Nara Wip

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Yasuragi Nara Wip

Post by Yasuragi Nara on Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:34 am

Nara Yasuragi Hoda.

"For all things are true and everything is perfect. Love is no Illusion I will live up to my fathers memory!." -Yasu

* 'it's society's mask, it's society's way'
{. this is your stage, your character .}

Character Name: Yasuragi-Hoda Nara
-------Alias or nickname: Yasu
Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Hometown: Konoha
Sexuality: Straight

Village: Konokagakure
Rank: Genin
Element(s): Lighting, Wind
Specialties: , Weaponry, Fuuinjutsu
Alignment: Lawful Good
Occupation: Diplomatic Apprentice
Special Characteristics: Both blood line of Hyuuga, and Nara. This has given the children a unique but weak Kekigenkai (er). Though they did not inherit the Bayakugon a slight derivative did occur. Their eyes became a very vivid blue, and sensitive to bright light. However when they learn of their blood lines correction they will have perfect night vision, with long distances at night. Yet only 1/3 the span of their Hyuuga relatives and only in one direction. (I thought that was fair)

* 'and the truth is...it's all a façade!'
{. appearance .}

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Vivid Blue
General Appearance: Yasu normally wears a Blue Shall styled shirt, with a Gold hamaka undershirt, and bright blue, green, grey sashes around his wait. He likes to look as formal ,and well groomed as possible at all times. Black slacks, and shinobi wraps with normal konoha sandals fit the rest of his ensemble. His Black hair is cut mid chin length, always well kept with a silky layered cut. At times Yasu will wear a pair of sensible sun glasses due to his "medical condition". Meng says this makes him look "Cool, hip" much to his displeasure.

* 'and what's hiding inside....behind all of our fears'
{. the facts .}

Personality: Yasu developed a very Mature sense of being. He has a strong and unyielding desire to live up to his fathers memory. Because of this he is always doing his best to look and be a proper gentlemen. Very kind, poliet, he respects his elders and ancestors completely. He often speaks and acts many years beyond his age, however this dose not always apply. Yasu has a short temper and is easily provoked by the right people into fights or fits of anger. He's extremely competitive unable to back down against any challenge.
Yasuragi can seem very aloof often waiting to speak when spoken to. This can at first blush make him seem stuck up, or arrogant. To be honest he slightly is but all youth is age seem to be. He dose show his natural born leadership able to take upon tasks easily, and enjoying the feeling of a well finished project.
He is often at his mothers side , and enjoys working with politics, dignitaries, or foreign affairs. He is also a very adept and determined shinobi. Thus he takes his heritage, village, and friends extremely to heart. His good lawful nature though can get him in trouble. Sometimes..okay most the time he tries to save the damsel in distress when she dose not really need to be saved.
To willing to please, stubborn. Yasu lives up to his birth sign, and name sake to a tee
Dragon – 龍 (Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Wood): Magnanimous, stately, vigorous, strong, self-assured, proud, noble, direct, dignified, jealous, eccentric, intellectual, fiery, passionate, decisive, pioneering, artistic, generous, loyal. Can be tactless, arrogant, imperious, tyrannical, demanding, intolerant, dogmatic, violent, impetuous, brash.

The Clan
History, Legend of the Clan: The History of your Clan.
Kekkai Genkai or Bloodline of the Clan: What is Special about your Clan?
Clan Information
- Clan Size: Size as in Population, use a variant (ex. 150-200 members)
- Nature and Values: How your clan acts and how they feel about the world around them.
Additional Information
- Clan Founder: The Founder (Optional)
- Relationship: Your characters Relationship with the Clan.
- Clan Political Structure: How your Clan runs. (Optional)
- Important Members: Important Members of the Clan (Optional)

Character Skills
Copy from the Skill list and Past here.

Hypnosis, or mesmerism is the dubious art that allows a practitioner to induce a trance stale in others. This practice is common among psychologists because the trance state is thought to permit access to the memories and potentials of the unconscious mind, allowing therapies to act directly on that hidden machinery. Psychologists make use of mesmeric therapy to reveal, modify, or implant memories and unconscious impulses in their patients. The mechanics of basic memory modification are relatively simple and the results generally good, but revelation of a true repressed memory using hypnotic technique requires a highly skilled practitioner due to the malleable and receptive nature of the unconscious mind.
Mesmerism has applications outside the purely scientific Stage hypnotism is practiced by carnies and con men from one end of the world to the other in cheap circus shows designed for the amusement of the masses.
• Trance Induction

* 'livin' like a masquerade...actin' a bizarre charade'
{. the fun stuff .}

Name:The Name of your Technique
Rank: The rank, E, D, C, B, A, or S. E being weakest, S being strongest.
Type: The type, (Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, etc.)
Element: The element, if any.
Description: A Detailed description of the Jutsu.
Duration: For Supportive and Genjutsu jutsu. (Lasts 3 Posts... etc.) Optional.

Weapons with No Special Abilities or Common weapons do not need a description. Simply list them, (example. Kunai, Shuriken, Katana, etc.)
Name:The Name of your weapon.
Rank: The rank of your Weapon.
Element: The element of your Weapon if any.
Natural Abilities: What your weapon can do naturally. (I.E. A mace can bash skulls, a Sword can cut limbs off.) be specific.
Special Abilities: What is so great about your weapon? If anything.

* 'is our true self....locked inside the façade!'
{. the history .}


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Yasuragi Nara

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Re: Yasuragi Nara Wip

Post by Yasuragi Nara on Mon Jul 05, 2010 9:06 am

* 'is our true self....locked inside the façade!'
{. the history .}


Birth Arc:
Yasuragi-Hoda (Peaceful Warrior) and his twin sister Meng-Yin(Curious Guide) were born to Seu Nara, and Hodaka Hyuuga of Konohagakure , on the 18th of July year of the Dragon.

His Parents were still rather young, and an active Jounin when the twins were born. Because of this much of his early childhood was Spent at the apron string of grandparents, Aunts, Cousins and other Clan members. Yasu was extremely favored in his Nara family house hold. He was the first boy to be born in Seu’s Maternal linage in nearly 200 years! Most of the distant family honored him with patronage, and gifts. He still holds great prestige with the Country across the sea. Having inherited Seu’s Noble blood line and both its responsibilities and wealth.
Because the twins were born of Hyuuga, and Nara blood , both were born with very sensitive Blue eyes. Their parents were very unsure if their children would eventually Inherit the Bayukugan , or something completely different. It worried both Clans that perhaps the union between their parents should of never produced children. Yet as they aged their eyes still remained a vivid blue often having to wear hats of bonnets (much to Yasu’s displeasure) the bright sun far to much for their sensitive eyes. Noting more was seen dispite this rare immunity to light. The clans decided that the eyes must be a benign defect of the Hyuuga gene, and nothing more would of it.

At the age of 2 Yasu’s father mysteriously disappeared while on a Anbu Misson. This devastating his mother, and paternal Grandmother. Though many of the village and even allied villages searched. Hoda was never heard from again. Yasu and Meng saw a slow change in their mother then. Her joyful spirits seemed crushed, and though she was still loving, Encouraging, a sweet mother; the light of her soul seemed to be snuffed out. It put a further distance on Yasu and his mother. Both from the fear of also losing here, but that he had to take up more emotional, and wll being of his sister during their families morning period. This gave way to a life long dependency on his part to be protective of Meng, and usually always at her side.
Yasu grew up with few actual memories of his father , but His mother and grandmother wanted deeply for him to never forget who exactly his father was. He enjoyed stories his Grandmother Hyuuga would tell him of his fathers heroics. How he became legendary, and the whirl wind Romance of his Mother and Father. At a young age Yasuragi decided would to live up to his fathers reputation and name. That he would become a great strong, shin obi like his father!
This both inspired and hurt the young the link to his father was still very real, and the pain of losing o him never truly went away. Even with all his might to step into his fathers shoes the fear he wondered if he could actually live up to the great shin obi his father was
Child hood Arc:
Though they frequently visited both Clans, and had many play mates in youth. Yasu still developed the habit of always being very protective of Meng Because of this they were both very close, but his defensive nature toward others on her behalf agitated his sister to no end . She never spoke harshly to him of it, but he suspected her displeasure Especially when she was with her girl friends. Growing up in konoha was any young ninjas dream. He began his training young showing great prowess in the shadow arts,much to his Grandfathers delight. Often going to the Nara forests to train long hours at his Grandfather Jai’s side. Here he learned how to tend the Nara Deer Herds, and the secrects of their forests.
Jai became like a second father to Yasu, often showing him his parents past, and teaching him of his other heritage across the sea. His grandfathers training gave Yasu a very strong chakra control understanding the feeling with in him from a very tender age. Becoming one with nature was well natural to the youth, and enjoyed laying among the deer peacefully.

Though his sister and himself did not fully process the Baykugon. His relatives taught them both Gentle fist styled techniques. often using dummies with red marked ink that showed vital pressure points. It was also his Hyuga relatives that taught him basic ninjitsu often annoying his grandmother by running on the ceiling while at the Hyuuga house hold.
At the age of Nine his Mother became Hokage. Which was both a blessing, and curse to, Yasu. His mother didn’t go on frequent missions anymore, and he was able to spend more time with her. However being the Hoakages son was extremely “Lame” He always had a Jounin or Anbu body guard, and his grandparents nearly forbade him to go into the academy and practice with a private Tutor.
Much to their agony he chose the academy wanting to play and grow up with other kids not to not be ostracized because of his mother position. While Hokage his mother taught him skills outside of Jujitsu. Skills of the earth, of women, of manners, economics, philosophy, history, Nara Medicines and traditions. She also had Yasu at her side while doing official Konoha business , training him with political prowess as much as possible.
This intrigue the young boy very much often enjoying playing with ambassadors children, or singing songs for their elder teenagers. Escorting figure heads and chatting with the elder council. He was truly living up to his name of Peace. He gained a respectable reputation of being a gentlemen, and clever youth. He was often welcome to sit in at the Chunin meetings or assist them when possible. Most visiting diplomats wives would often ask for Yasu as their escort while their husbands did their business in Konoha.
Well to say the least he became very well rounded.

Seu held off her children's graduation to Genin tell they were 12 years of age. Feeling no need for them to rush into the life of shin obi. Yasu by this time was as stated a respectable, intelligent and well rounded youth of the village. Often speaking as if he was much older then his true age. However this had sent a very large rip between him and his age mates. They were often jealous or brown nosers because of his mothers position. It was becoming much more difficult to hang on to friends his own age. Even though his sister was quite popular. His protective nature toward her and his own aloofness spiked spats, squabbles and fights with children his own age. Often resorting in punishment for both parties involved. Which was a large blemish on Yasu’s record, in the city. It made his frustrations at the boys in the village burn with contentment. Most of his companions were young girls mostly his sisters consorts for they were the only ones who could stand him.
Also during this time Yasu found his fathers old journals, training notes, and chakra instructions. Secretly he has been training himself to learn secrets in his fathers journals. Wanting to desperately to honor his memory, Rise to his legend, and perhaps yearning for a way to be close to him once again. What secrets or curses will Yasuragi find in Hodaka's life?

Genin Arc:
Passing his Genin exams with flying colors, and is now currently awaiting his assignment to a Jounin or Cell team. Yasu and His sister have yet to unlock the secret of their kekigenkai.

Yasuragi Nara

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RP Sample

Post by Yasuragi Nara on Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:45 pm

The smell of familiar incense wafted in the cool morning air. Yasu was at the prayer alter in the back of the dojo’s garden a place he often vist and mediated. He felt closes to his father at the small shrine his mother had set up in his memory. The chakra wielded with in him again deep in the center of his chest. A cool and burning sensation all at the same time. This often happened whe he was kneeled at this memorial.
Today especially a tug wailed on his body pushing and pulling almost begging to be released. With a choked breath he tried to steady himself even though his mind was becoming cloudy soon drifting away into that familiar lighting filled place he’d only known in his dreams. Just when he thought he could take no more and fallen to the odd almost hallucinogenic scene a hand fell upon his shoulder.

Instantly the feeling of falling and floating collapsed as if it was sucked up right into the air. With a gasp Yasu turned his head to see the soft smile of his Mother. Her eyes shined with a soft cure of love, and knowing. He stared up at her gold eyes still shaking from his surge. “O..Okasan” he trembled managing to rise his hand up to wipe a tinge of sweat tha had beaded under his dark bangs.
Seu gave a soft chuckle and patted his hand in an elderly fashion before walking to stad behind him.
“Your Father used to hide himself away in the wee hours of morning, at his very own special spot.” Her voice said tenderly. “Your scaring me at how much your becoming like him.” She teased bending over to light her own offering, and turn her head ever so slightly to watch her son from her pretrial vision.
“Yasu.” Seu said with a resident tone of sternness
“Ah! Yasu felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up on end, a shiver run up his spine. His mother had a way of doing that to nearly anyone when she meant business. He’d seen grown men of far nations shiver in their boots when she spoke.
“ Though its nostalgic its not good to linger to much on what was. Even if we try so hard to hand on to it.” Yasu watched her eyes look up to the statue a deep lingering yearning, and pain sliding with in their usual hard expression. With a losing sigh she pressed her a kiss to her finger tips, and then to the statues own cold never yielding lips. “Don’t lose your way in ghost lights Yasu-kun, let me do that. You have your life ahead of you.”
“Mom.” A deep twinge of pain clung to his heart. He’d never let his mother bear the pain alone, he was here, Meng was here. At the very least they were gifts and he knew this to his core. However yasu was far to young to express this sentiment for now. All he could do was nod, and step forward to curl his arms around her bear neck. “Your getting short mom. I can see your eye brows now.”

“Stop it, I liked it better when I could swat you over my knee.”
“Sorry,kasan but soon I’ll be carrying you.”
He felt a soft brush of fingers through his hair, and a peck on the line of his brow. The swelling torrent with in him cooled like a settling sea. The earth became clear, and the fog lifted from his mind and heart.
“Alright now get going to class” His mother snarled playfully scooting him along with a playful swap on his tush.
“MOM! Geez! What if someone saw that.” Yasu yelled holding his fanny with a curved pout. Even through he tired to hide it. Tossing on this blue sleeve and fumbling through his shoes. Yasu was quickly running out of the training grounds and down the shin obi offices . Golden silk glittering in the morning sun. He felt alive, and the world was fresh, today he had hope that they would of selected his his teacher by now.
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Re: Yasuragi Nara Wip

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