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Prescious Memory

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Prescious Memory

Post by lady seu nara on Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:03 pm

Today and the 4th are not only a USA holiday, but it a time i remember very well over two or so years ago. I had actually be stalking Hoda on the net a few moments ago to see what he'd been up to since we talked. I found some very old posts of the "Old Ingoo" I didnt realize how much it affected me. those days before the "Hell" I still taste them every summer.
Perhaps its only on line, but i always feel and miss those dear to me from the friendships and bonds made. I just wanted to note my respect for today, and how much I miss those days. I can never return to them, they will never come back. I can only hope to make more just as sweet or better memories. I hope to do that with this site, I hope that the Taste of summer returns, and bonds strengthen.
I ask that perhaps those deep friendships will return here. I've gone on in my life we all have, but i must admit that I have never felt the joy again since those wonderful days.

And it was only because of the people who came into my life then, the games, the shoulders cried on, the joy felt, and the bonds made. I perhaps could be more poetic with this, and perhaps so un repeating. However Im sitting in a empty room, with only a suit case to my name. A new life I must star a new, and Staring out a window were the sun is falling on top of green leaves in a golden halo. In this moment i smell summer, and those days return to my memory.
I"m so blessed to have had those sweet and wonderful days. I am so blessed with the discovery, and purpose some of us found in a simply little forum.

Here's to the smell of summer, and hope of a new precious memories.

lady seu nara

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