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History and Plot

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History and Plot

Post by lady seu nara on Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:53 pm

Journal Of The Kages
My Elders have all gone now, fragrant whispers on summer mornings. The Ninja world is silent a uneasy calm has lingered since the last “Known Pain.” Texts and books express it has been nearly 200 years since the Bijuu were released back into the world escaped from their prisons of men’s flesh; from the control of the Great Nations. Yet I feel them sliding in the earth, clutching to her , lurking through the skin of her.
For decades men have search these great spiritual beasts for a power they wish to claim, and yet have no true record of controlling. I fear some day soon a chance soul will be lucky, or….very unlucky in revealing their enigma to us once again.

I am the Ju-Ni-Hokage( 12th) of Konohagakure, standing over 130 generations of men and women who have gone by in this world since Konohas birth. Our world has seen many dark days since the last of the Bijuu vessels perished. Generations of lost innocents in the search to regain a menacing power. It seems only now such a lasting peace will soon be lost in the thralls of time.
My Great- Great Grandmothers notes tell of a time of wicked men, roaming gangs of unholy Ninja, legends of items of great power, hidden devices, and the secret to the power of the spirits to be known as Bijuu.

However from these ashes rose Heros, Hope, Strength ,and Love. In those dark years theses things of purity have always remained constant, always flowing over the bloody war soaked times. Strength of the Nations People, won against the darkness giving these last few generations a moment of peace so very precious. A breath of Wealth, Strength, Security and Longevity. A blessing sometimes forgotten in the lives of Shinobi.

Yet not all peace can last, and though I stand with the strength of generations before me, with the pride and glory of my Ancestors. Even I am no match for time, and her whims. For now I am grateful for the peace over my land. Welcome to bask in the gifts given to us. Children no longer fear the loss of their parents or siblings. Parents can watch their children grow, and prosper. Dreaming of grandchildren, and old age. We are a blessed generation.

Now that I stand in the seat of my Sensei’s, of the ones I remember looking up to with bright eyes and dreams filled with youth. I will keep the strength of Konohas will of fire tell my last dying breath.
Though our world may shift, power may exchange hands. The great Nations of this world are stronger by the lives which have lived in them. No soul here is unworthy , no soul here is to be lost. I have devoted my life to my people, I have searched the depths of them. Even the blessed souls out side my walls they deserve Peace, Tranquility, and Dreams as any one who dares draw breath. So it is now I begin my journey as Hokage. Pray our ancestors with me, Pray they be with us and guide us in the stories of men.
Ju-Ni Hokage,
Seu Nara
lady seu nara

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