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Post by Façade on Sat Jul 03, 2010 12:12 pm

Unlike most Naruto Forums, NL has a specific way of housing members in their RP homes. Everyone will start out with their own home. Genin will not be living with their parents, neither will chuunin or any other rank of Ninja. Missing Ninja are an Exception to this rule. They will not be given homes and required to stay in Inns or Hotels or the like, unless they are an Architect and can construct their own home.

Each Village's Housing District is unique. Upon Character creation and after you are approved you will be given how large your house is.

Iwagakure has a housing system much like Kumogakure. There are homes for the higher-ranking members of Ninja-society while the lower class has to live in huge homes that can hold up to 3 teams.

Kirigakure has the poorest housing. They are limited to Shanties and motels unless you are one of the Rich Upper-class in which case you will live in a rather expensive manor.

Konoha has some of the most expensive housing. They have tall apartment complexes and homes much like our Homes Today.

Kumogakure has a unique settlement housing system. Usually composing of 2 or 3 families in each house. However for Ninja you will be partnered with your Team. Women and men will obviously be given separate rooms.

Sunagakure is almost completely apartment buildings. Though most of the Apartment rooms are much larger then any other villages. Ninja live by themselves.

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