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Character Jobs

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Character Jobs

Post by Façade on Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:59 am

As you can see here at Ninja Legacy. We have many specific ways for members to interact with each other. This will become Necessary for certain missions and doing so we need to let people separate into jobs. Now your jobs aren't really something that you are "required" to do; but it is something for you to Role-play when your bored and as such, you should take advantage of the jobs that are given to you.

Jobs are listed like such:

Administration is the running of the village. Council members, Kage's and sometimes Jounin all fall into this category of Job. Your duties are to make sure the village runs effectively without delay.
• Access to Security in the Village.
• Give Orders to members inside the village.
• Meet with other council-members and vote on village ordeals.

The underlined word is the Job Title.
Below that is a description of what the job is.
• Bullets represent what you get by taking this job.
• Some may be some things that allow you to 'break the rules'
• Or some might be things that make your village better then the rest.

Now you don't instantly get a job. Like medieval times you will be given apprenticeship, then eventually given the full time job.

You are begin as an Apprentice. If you do not do your job (Role play your job) you will be demerited and as you become Chuunin, you will be forced to be an apprentice yet again. You get no benefits from your job. You simply must do it. The bulleted items mean nothing to you yet, because you cannot use them.
You are a Journeyman. You are done with Apprenticeship but you are not yet a master of your trade. As a Journeyman you can benefit from your job. The bulleted items beneath your job you can use to your advantages. However if you wish to become a master, you must continue to role play your job. And there are certain things that will require you to be master if you wish to us.
You are a Master of your job. You can benefit wholly from your job and do things with your job most other people cannot with your job. The bulleted items are given to you and sometimes even more.

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Re: Character Jobs

Post by Façade on Fri Jul 02, 2010 10:21 am

Job List

Administration is the running of the village. Council members, Kage's and sometimes Jounin all fall into this category of Job. Your duties are to make sure the village runs effectively without delay.
• Give Orders to members inside the village.
• Meet with other council-members and vote on village ordeals.
• Access to Security in the Village. --- Must be Master ---

An Apothecarist was one trained and skilled in the arts of formal medicine. Though not as highly regarded as a physician, these workers devoted their time and studies to the arts of healing. Trained physicians were expensive and usually only retained and hired by kings, nobles and the elite. Therefore the Apothecarist served the common people.
• You can cure poison.
• You can heal infections.
• You can use herbs as "Buffs" --- Must be Master ---

Architects built structures, towns and buildings. Not only did they possess the knowledge to construct these things but they also had the skill to plan entire cities. Architects were highly in demand and were paid high wages for their services. As war spread across Europe during the Medieval Ages it was important for a king to have an architect who could build strong, reliable and defensible towns, buildings and castles.
• You can upgrade your Housing facility
• You can build minor Defensive structures for the Village (Village only, not your house)
• You can build your own House --- Must be Master ---

The Armorer held a very important position in the workforce. Not only were his skills highly required by nobles and Kages, but the commoners enlisted his services during times of war as well. You must have the weaponry specialty to pick this job.
• You can craft armor. -Non-element-
• You are very wealthy.
• You can craft elemental armor --- Must be Master ---

The blacksmith was the weapon-maker. He made weapons for Kage's and nobles and also the commoner. You may be forced into work by a Kage if necessary but you are always one of the most respected member in society. You must have the weaponry specialty to pick this job.
• You can craft weapons. -Non-element-
• You are very wealthy.
• You can craft elemental weapons --- Must be Master ---

The Cartographer (or map-maker) is essential for missions and war. As information of terrain and the oceans became known and available, it was the job of the Cartographer to draw a detailed map of a given area.
• Can make suggestions to Kage's and Council-men as to where to attack/defend. Etc.
• Can make mission Guidelines for D-C ranked missions. (You would be a mission-maker)
• Can make mission guidelines for B+ ranked missions. (You would be a mission maker) --- Must be Master ---

The harsh conditions and crippling poverty present in Villages make crime inevitable. The slums are haunted by a multitude of beggars, tramps, match-sellers, crossing-sweepers, rag-pickers, organ-grinders, prostitutes, and others who hang on to the outskirts of society. The only thing the members of the criminal fraternity have in common is that they operate outside tile law.
• You are given Lock-picking or Pickpocketing by Default.
• This is a Challenge, for players looking for a challenge. Pick this job.

Those fortunate enough to possess the skills to become political Diplomats were often on the road to nobility and positions of title. The Diplomat served as a royal messenger and ambassador to the Kage, Lord or aristocrat he served. Diplomats would often be sent on missions to speak on behalf of the monarchy to rival kages or ruling houses. The Diplomat would negotiate political deals such as peace treaties, hostage or prisoner releases and matters of trade, commerce and economics.
• You will be sent on missions involving foreign countries. Sent to foreign lands.
• You will hold a high political standing within villages.
• You may be sent on Rescue missions. --- B Ranked + ---

The engineer is the designer. They made theoretical potions that gave the user help. They held a role in healing and breaking through Castle Walls. They did everything from cure the common cold to blowing up bridges. These skilled tradesmen were essential to the successful expansion of any political kingdom.
• You can design Potions that Heal infection or Poison.
• You can design Potions that do damage or explode.
• You can design Potions that increases the power of the user --- Must be Master ---

The Forester usually held a position equal to a sheriff or local law enforcer. He was responsible for patrolling the streets on a Kages or noble's property. His duties included negotiating with thieves and murders, and to stop poachers from illegally killing animals in the forest.
• You hold high standings in the streets of the cities, most respect you, many fear you.
• You can apprehend NPC's and throw them in Jail
• You can apprehend Characters and throw them in Jail --- Must be Master ---

Gardeners was considered a specialist at his trade. He was mainly responsible for the upkeep and cosmetic appearance of castles and estates but he was also called upon to build defensive ditches and barriers during times of war.
• You can use flowers to your advantage as love potions, truth-tellers, or other things you can think of. --- Must be Master ---

The Herald (or Harker) would declare announcements on behalf of the kage to the public. Normally this was done on a given day when the public would assemble at the base of a castle tower and the Herald would shout out the news and proclamations or the Herald would do his job in the local town-square. It was the responsibility of the Herald to inform the public of what was going on.
• You hold a high standing in the political structure of a Village.
• You may be asked to make public speeches.
• You may make speeches without consent of a kage or councilmen --- Must be Master ---

One of the most lucrative and profitable occupations was that of the Medieval Innkeeper, but only if all conditions were prime and if certain circumstances were maintained. Owning an Inn carried a lot of responsibility. Besides the bedrooms the Inn also had other internal features such as a dining rooms and often a tavern or alehouse. Usually the fare for a room included meals as well. The alehouse was sometimes leased by a secondary business person and often a separate enterprise from the Inn.
• You have a Guard at your door who serves you and only you. He is non-Ninja.
• You do not have to live in whatever household you are given to start (The Inn = Your home)
• You have a Guard at your door who serves you and only you. You must make an Application for the guard, he must be Genin Ranked. --- Must be Master ---

Locksmiths were integral parts of society. Though most homes held little more than an internal wooden slide lock on the insides, Locksmiths became important with the developments and security of castles. Their talents were in the beginning stages but an intricate lock that resisted the efforts of picking or tampering was soon highly valued.
• You can enter virtually any door or room.
• Your house cannot be broken into
• You can manufacture keys --- Must be Master ---

Minstrels were musicians. Various instruments included the mandolin, fife, flute, dulcimer, drums, violin and harpsichord. A great deal of skill and training was required to become a professional musician and those lucky enough to have proficiency on an instrument often found themselves entertaining kages and nobles for high wages.
• You have entrance to must Clubs and political buildings.
• Almost everyone loves you for your talent. (NPC's)
• You can have sound based Jutsu without Wind Property. Limited to B-rank --- Must be Master ---

Physicians were very highly regarded and respected. Though their positions were deemed prominent it took about a full century before their work was completely accepted. More skilled than an Apothecarist or Herbalist, the Physician was capable of prescribing new medicines and performing types of surgery. You must have Medical Jutsu as a specialty to take this.
• You can develop Medicines who heal infections and poisons.
• You can heal others through surgery etc.
• You can develop medicines that increase the speed of healing (1/2 post and 1/2 time for healing - Read Healing + Hospitals in Rules) --- Must be Master ---

Sailors often led lonely and hard lives and it was a most difficult occupation. It required a firm will and dedication as vessels would often set sail for months or even a year at a time. During voyages Sailors each had specific duties equal to the level of their station. Overseeing the operation of a vessel at sea was difficult enough but Sailors were constantly at work from sunrise to sunset. This served to keep the Sailor busy and keep him from growing bored and discontented by the long hours at sea.
• You own a Boat, which can be used as a Home.
• The Travel time and post can be cut in half for traveling to other countries. --- Must be Master ---

Spy --- Must be B-Ranked or More ---
It was a wise kage or noble that kept informed of what was going on in rival and neighboring communities and towns. Therefore it became necessary to hire Spies to secretly find out what was afoot. Contrary to popular belief, most Spies were women. It was generally accepted that women could move in certain social circles more easily than men and using their inherent charm, could naturally coax more information out of trusted employees of rival houses.
• If you take this spec. Take a different Job. Inform the Kage that you wish to be a Spy through PM. You are skilled as a Journeyman in the job you choose.


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