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Naito Clan (Complete)

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Naito Clan (Complete)

Post by kenshiki naito on Fri Jul 30, 2010 3:09 pm

The Clan
Naito Clan
History, Legend of the Clan:
-Formation Period-

Ryu Naito was a skilled in high level fire jutsu plus his sword skills. when he was middled age or so he fell in love with a skill earth style user. They got married and had 3 boys and 2 girls. They were later known as the 5 hidden swords or hitoshirezu-ken, due to their remarkable swordsmanship. they were able to learn how to mix Fire Earth by watching Roushi, who was said to have developed this style by himself, and from studying an old scroll. Eventually the Lava Element just became known to the Naito Clan. The clan grew from that, This Clan was also known for their ability to disable an oppenent. They got known for this because a group of young members refused to continue their Kenjutsu, because they did not like to shed blood of others when possible. So they broke away and formed a sub section useing what they knew to form a style less brutal and kept the name Genson-Ken Style. After 10 years the rest of clan approved of this way and they reconnected with the rest of the clan.
-Growth Period-

This Sword style was growing in the 5 great countrys, but the Naito Clan refused to teach the secrets of it to outsiders. They only allowed a few basics of the clan's sword style to be taught to outsiders. The Head of the Clan was very serious about this that if a member taught an outsider an uapproved secret they would be punished surverly, and in a few cases death. When someone in the Clan left the village or be came an enemy the clan sent their special hunter ninja instead of relying on the village's hunters. But few ever left or shared secrets because they didn't wish it to spread uncontrollably.
-Clan dispute Period-

For awhile there was only small arguments amoung the head clan members until they heard about other countrys getting Jinchuuriki , then there was big disagreements about rather they would try to get one or kill them before they got out of hand. only a fifth of the Clan wanted to stay out of the Jinchuuriki business altogether saying they were to strong and cause trouble for everybody. after a few days of bikering it was agreed that there would be a vote to decide what to do. that would be held after everyone had a week to decide. during this time though people in the clan with high athority in the vote were killed mysteriously and this lead to a small war. those who wanted nothing to do with Jinchuuriki Vs. Those who wanted the power to raise the status of the clan.
-Clan Demise-

After a while the clan stopped fighting and agreed that they shouldn't try to get hold of a Jinchuuriki. But it was too little too late because the next day the village was attacked by the 9-tailed fox. All the Clan's warriors agreed to aid in the battle to stop it but by the time it was sealed the clan was diminshed to a small number.All the Clan's swordmasters were destroyed. all except for one. The only master of their sword style lives in a small village on the border of the fire country.
-Clan Renewal-

In the years after the Battle with the Kyuubi, the Naito Clan has struggled for survival, much like the other clans of the Leaf. Members from the Hidden Rock Village met with the Leaf village at a neutral location, and agreed to reunite the groups of clan members at that location, the small village on the border of the Fire, and Earth countries, with master Saiten, the head of the clan. Some of the numbers that were lost were regained after some much needed R&R, but the clan would never again be its former size. The members then separated to both the Fire and Earth countries, to regain the knowledge that was lost, but they never got in contact with one another.

Kekkai Genkai or Bloodline of the Clan: Youton Element Manipulation
The Youton (Lava/Magma) element is a mixture of Fire and Earth elements.

Clan Information
- Clan Size: 60
30 in the Fire country (Main Branch)
20 in the Earth country (Sub Branch)
10 in border village (Mixed)
- Nature and Values: The Clan has separated it's ties with the world, to avoid war, and now most members are either mercenaries, for one of the two countries, or just ninja who stay out of the world's business
Additional Information
- Clan Founder: The founder is unknown because the only records that far back were destroyed long ago the oldest known warrior of the Naito clan was known as Ryu Naito because his sword was shaped as a dragon claw.

- Relationship: Kenshiki respects the power of the clan, and their non-deminishing will to survive. He prefers the Iwa Branch over the Konoha Branch, because they are, in his eyes, true warriors
- Clan Political Structure: The Clan branches are run following the principles of Bushido

Bushido:The way of the samurai. -
-This is the Code of Honor and Valor that the members learn at a very young age and live by.
I. Justice
II. Courage
III. Benevolence
IV. Politeness
V. Honesty and Sincerity
VI. Honor
VII. Loyalty
VIII. Character and Self-Control

Clan Primary Studies:

*Basic tactics-
-Battle attack, common stratagies

*Advance tactics-
-Uncommon stratagies, advance tactics, concealment,

*Element nature-
-this they learn around the age of 10- 15

-The way people think and ways to mess with their thinking

-At the age of 5 or so they learn the Genson-Ken Style from Master Saiten

*Fire Jutsu-
-Around the age of 13-15 members in Konoha start learning fire jutsu

*Earth Jutsu-
-Members would normally travel to the hidden Rock village, until Master Saiten moved to the village on the border of the Fire & Rock countriess then the Naito clan members more or lived there or lived in Konoha where at the age of 8-13 they traviled there to learn earth jutsu

*Element combination-
- most members don't start to learn about this till they are a high chuunin or special Jounin ages around 15-19. to learn about this they practice with each other learn different combinations of Fire and Earth

* Chocobo Summoning-
- Naito clan members tend to learn this jutsu at Special Jounin to Jounin ranks

- Important Members: Important Members of the Clan (Optional)
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Re: Naito Clan (Complete)

Post by Glass~Heart on Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:10 pm

Looks fine to me.


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