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Elemental Clan [Raiken, Doken, Kaken, Suiken, and Fuuken]

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Elemental Clan [Raiken, Doken, Kaken, Suiken, and Fuuken]

Post by Ikazu Raiken on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:49 pm

The Clan
History, Legend of the Clan: The Godai clan is one of the strongest clans that is associated with the elements, with a member of the clan being able to use two elements that were their affinity, they were also able to apply these elements to their body in a wide variety of ways, the names of the clan members seem to correspond with the main element that they use, an important member of the clan named Ikazu Raiken seems to use his Raiton element most of the time. The clan is very scarce and have been known to appear in every part of the great five nations. They are famous for their incredible use of the natural elements and their great doujutsu, which compared to the great sharingan.

The Godai clan started with one member, Kami Godai. He was the son of a rinnegan user and was given his body and and spirit, as he was able to use all of the natural elements easily and achieved his own jutsu as he wasn't able to obtain the rinnegan. The offspring of Kami were only able to use two elements, but they were masters of the natural elements at a young age and achieved the doujutsu. The clan was started in the Kumogakure, the village hidden in the clouds. They have since moved around, finding a right home.

The clan is very peaceful and produce shinobi of high quality. The clan are mainly Ninjutsu and Taijutsu based and can incorporate their elements into their body, making them fierce opponents. But as stated, the clan is scarce and there are only a few members remaining. They don't have specific clan jutsu because their element based justu are stronger than other shinobi, but they do have a specific animal summoning jutsu for the different elements.
Kekkai Genkai or Bloodline of the Clan:

Shimogan (Following Eye)
The Shimogan is the kekkei genkai of the Godai clan, the eye can follow and predict the movements of an opponent, but they can't predict and follow as well as the sharingan. Also unlike the Sharingan, the Shimogan cannot copy moves. They can predict the movements to a certain degree and can see chakra, but not chakra points. It is a very strong doujutsu and because they can see chakra, they can tell if someone is in a genjutsu, but they aren't able to resist genjutsu. Their aren't stages of this doujutsu but the mastery of this eye depends on the user and their rank, Jounin and Kage level shinobi are masters, Chuunin level Shinobi are average, and Genin level shinobi are amateurs. It is mainly used for taijutsu, as it can follow and predict the movements. The jutsu takes away a D-rank amount of chakra every 3 posts and can last for about 15 posts.

How it looks:

They colors are constantly moving and shifting around.

Elemental Masters
The Godai clan are natural masters at the natural basic five elements, fire, lightning, water, earth, and wind. But the members of the clan can only use two elements and it is their affinities. They can also incorporate the elements into their bodies to make them stronger, faster, more flexible, and a wide array of things. They can also make their elemental jutsu stronger than other shinobi because of their natural feeling with them. They can practically bend their natural elements because of their affinity with them. They also earn the last name of the main element associated with them.

Types of Summons
Fire - Salamander
Lightning - Cheetah
Earth - Bear
Wind - Eagle
Water - Otter

Clan Information
- Clan Size: 5-15
- Nature and Values: The clan is very peaceful and incredibly strong-willed, as they never give up in a fight, and will do whatever it takes to defend their family and friends.
Additional Information
- Clan Founder: Kami Godai
- Relationship: Ikazu is a very important member of the clan and regarded highly for what he has done with the clan.
- Clan Political Structure: Peaceful
- Important Members: Ikazu Raiken
Ikazu Raiken

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Re: Elemental Clan [Raiken, Doken, Kaken, Suiken, and Fuuken]

Post by Glass~Heart on Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:19 am

I see nothing wrong here.


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