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Training Jutsus

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Training Jutsus

Post by Kija on Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:16 pm

Name:Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Shadow Clone Technique
Description:The normal Bunshin technique creates a copy of the ninja that lacks any substance. The Kage Bunshin distributes the ninja's chakra evenly among the clones and creates a real copy with form and substance. The clone itself can also utilize any jutsu the original ninja knows. When the clone finally disperses, any new knowledge it has gained is passed back to the original ninja and any additional clones. This makes Kage Bunshin an excellent training method if the ninja has the chakra capacity and stamina to maintain the Kage Bunshins for an extended period of time. This allows the ninja to essentially reduce the time it takes to train and learn with each clone added. This is especially true when used with Tajuu Kage Bunshin.

Ochiba wanted to learn this technique for a long time now and he knew a couple people who knew how to do it. They already mastered this technique. The sky was covered in clouds and their was no wind what so ever. This was almost an ideal time to train but it was hot. As Ochiba walked into the rocky training field, kicking a couple pebbles on the way, he noticed a couple genin training by themselves and he smiled to himself seeing how strong the village is going to be. He needed training too. As he walked into a more isolated part of the ring where he couldn't here any kids laughter. He summoned one of his stronger summons that could use the kage bunshin jutsu. Unable to bite his finger because they are made of wood, he bit his lip hard enough to make it bleed just a pitch. He spit the little bits of blood on the ground and stepped on the blood being able to summon Doppel.

Doppel appeared out the the smoke looking like a normal kage bunshin clone. He looked around and put his hand on Ochiba. "What can I help you with?"
Ochiba looked at him, "Teach me Kage Bunshin No Jutsu" Doppel wasn't very surprised at his request because he has been talking about it for a while. "Very well...hands like this stance, and focus your charka" Doppel wasn't the best at explaining things. Ochiba mirrored his stance. Putting his hands in the correct spot and breathing through his nose. He attempted the jutsu ending with no success. Not even a cloud of smoke. Ochiba signed but failure wasn't going to stop his success.

Doppel successfully created clones at his side. They weren't much help they started to spar each other. "Thanks for the help" he said looking at the group of fighting ninjas. If someone saw them they would be so weirded out to see so many of the same ninjas. Ochiba attempted once again and he created a cloud of smoke and a joke of clones. He had a natural ability to be good at alot of things he does. Being a quick learner and being almost a master at Ninjutsu he would learn this one easy.
He tried the jutsu again. This time getting 2 good clones and 3 joke clones. The clones all started to fight each other. It was Ochiba vs. Dopple.

Ochiba tried it once again, this time actually creating all 5, they went crazy. Now he needs to learn how to tame them. "Doppel how do I tame these things?!"
"Be calm!" Doppel replied over the loud ruckus.

Ochiba tried it once again and this time creating all 5 and being clam, feeling like he could talk to them through his mind they all stood watching. Without a movement or words the clones joined the brawl right as soon as Ochiba wanted them to. He tried it again because that might have just been luck. Trying again he successfully created the clones and took control. Once happy with his progress, he waved to the orgy of clones "Bye" He dismissed Doppel which dismissed the remaining of his clones and then he dismissed his own clones. Having a clean sheet.

I should learn a jutsu with these, cursing himself because he has to make more.

Name:Kage Shuriken no Jutsu - Shadow Shuriken Technique
Description:Kage Shuriken no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing a giant Fuuma Shuriken. When throwing the shuriken, the ninja will also throw a second giant shuriken to hide in the shadow of the first. The hidden secondary shuriken can then approach the target without their being aware.

Ochiba started to practice throwing shurikens then he started to think. Biting his lips once more to summon Ganger. Ganger noticed he was throwing his shurikens and that their is a jutsu for that. Ganger informed Ochiba what to do and how to do it. Ochiba threw both shurikens but the second one wasn't fast enough to hide in the shadow of the first one. He tried it again and it was barely fast enough, so he tried it again and then it was perfect. This jutsu wouldn't be hard at all. The got Ganger to look like a shuriken and he threw it and they had a target rock. He perfected this jutsu rather fairly.

He tried it again, and he kept trying to get it better and better. He dismissed Ganger and thanked him for his assistance and continued to conceal shurikens in shadows. He quickly got the hang of it and he started to use kunai's and he then went into bigger weapons. Taking a Training Fuuma and using it, the very first time he tried it he already landed it because he was training with shriukens and it has the same concept hiding behind it. Being happy with his success he finally went home to go see Akira.



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