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ZanesGallery [Open]

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ZanesGallery [Open]

Post by .Death Angel on Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:30 pm

Rules for ZanesGallery Graphix Shop:

• No Porn.
• That is all. =)

-Gallery coming Soon.-


Name: Your Name. And do you want it to be in the edit?
Picture/Render: The Picture you want to use for the edit.
Text: What do you want it to say?
Avatar or Signature size?: Pick one. Size helps too.
Font: Pick a font style.
Effects: What kinda effects?
Etc.: Misc. stuff.

[b][u]Avatar or Signature size?[/u]:[/b]


And if you want to help the shop:

Right now my GIMP sucks, so I need some help on picking out some brushes, gradients, and whatnot. So I'm letting the people of this site to help me pick out the brushes I would need for the best overall edits ever. Smile


There's a site. Please help ^^;
.Death Angel

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Re: ZanesGallery [Open]

Post by реи-цчан on Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:02 pm

Aah, GIMP. Haven't used that in awhile. o.o If you want, I can give you some tutorials (I'll send them to you, via PM if you wish).

For brushes I would suggest Fractal Swirls. And of course, some Abstract Brushes and Grunge Brushes. I wish you the best of luck~ :D

And Here's a request. :D

Name: Britt
Text: “No time for formalities...”
Avatar or Signature size?: Signature
Font: Beyond Wonderland
Effects: At your criteria

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