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Character Skills

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Character Skills

Post by Façade on Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:45 pm

At Ninja Legacy we have a specific Character Skill system. Instead of simply assuming that every character knows how to do everything they need to do. We have a skill system. These are commonplace skills, that anyone can learn with the proper training. However you are limited to a certain amount of Skills. Since knowing every skill would be Over-powered you will have to choose a skill that fits your character most effectively.

Genin and Chuunin will be Limited to 1 Skill upon Creation, And can learn 2 More.
A-rank and Up will be limited to 2 skills upon Creation, and can learn 2 more. You can also choose to learn 1 Skill at level 2, then learn 3 more skills.
Kages are granted the Pleasure of being able to start with 1 Skill at level 3 or 3 Skills. And cannot learn any more skills either way.

Learning skills is different from Learning jutsu. First you must Research it. This requires a minimum of 1000 Words in a Post. After you research it, you now can realize what the skill is and how it works. After that you must train your skills. The level of the skill will allow you to use it effectively or ineffectively. You must post 1000 Words to rank up 1 skill level. However you must add 1000 to every level. (Level 2 = 2000, Level 3 = 3000, Therefore learning level 3 would cost 6000 Words.) The Maximum skill level you can achieve is 5.

Skills will make or break situations in missions, and Missions will rely on skills in order to work. Remember to be original in your skills. Its not fun if everyone has the same skill set. Fit your character. We will make it so every skill set will be used in a Mission or Role Play. :]

Skill Will be set up like this:

Acting is the art of portraying oneself as another person entirely. A skilled actor uses this skill to affect different emotional states and mannerisms and to suppress his own while doing so. This is useful to characters using a transformation technique.
• Character Acting
• Comedy
• Director
• Expressions
• Impersonations
• Improvisation
• Mask Theatre
• Melodrama
• Realism
• Drama
• Stage History
• Tragedy

The Underlined word is the Skill, followed by a Description of what the skill does. Then a bulleted List will appear. At level 1 you may choose 1 Bullet, at level 2, you can choose 2 Bullets. And so on. Once you have chosen, YOU CANNOT GO BACK. so think Carefully about which Skills you are going to choose.

In Certain skills a bullet will have the word "Teaching" Teaching allows you to teach others the skills, which means they do not have to research the skill in order to learn it. (You get 1000 Less words to post). If you choose Teaching. You may choose 1 more Bullet (This is only upon initial character creation.)

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Re: Character Skills

Post by Façade on Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:47 pm

Skill List

The character is a locksmith or a screwsman and is proficient at the use of lock picks and the fabrication of keys.

Choose (1) Opening Method:
------ Manufactured Keys
------ Lock Picks
Then Choose 1 Skill. At level 5, You can have both Opening Methods.
• New Locks
• Old Locks
• Big Locks
• Chests

The character is a dipper or tooler, a graduate of the fingersmith's art. pickpockets operate throughout the metropolises and towns throughout the world. The most accomplished are specialists that hone their techniques over a lifetime. A tooler may have developed his talents alone on the street or through apprenticeship to a senior thief. pickpockets may operate alone or in teams. Most move frequently to avoid detection and rely on duffers, or fences, to sell the goods in order to avoid arousing the suspicion of pawning the items personally.
Choose 1 Type of Person
• Crowds
• Drunks
• Organization (Determine the Organization)
• Women
Choose 1 Type of Item
• Teaching
• Wallets
• Watches
• Small Arms
• Money

A character skilled in this art may be able to effect seemingly miraculous escapes from handcuffs, straight-jackets, and even steel boxes, sometimes all at once. The escape artist is familiar with all manner of knots and rope work. With practice, the character becomes adept at dislocating joints and bending limbs to slip free of his bonds. Most escape artists also learn something of lock picking.
• Chains
• Handcuffs
• Ropes
• Stage
• Straitjackets
• Underwater

Gambling measures a character's ability to calculate odds and count cards. A character possessing this skill is adept at many games of chance. The character knows the strategies of the game and how to use them to win big. Failing that, the character may also use this skill to cheat.
• Cards
• Cheating
• Dice
• odds
• Roulette
• Bluffing

The character knows how to make his way through the streets without calling attention to himself. He knows how to observe a subject while on the move, how to the shadows to avoid detection, utilize probable short cuts, and keep a safe distance to avoid suspicion.
• Crowds
• Hide
• Menace
• Night
• Plain Sight
• Chase

Forgery is a time-consuming and laborious process requiring specialized tools and supplies. A character with this skill has the keen eyes and powerful attention span required to forge documents, checks, currency, and seals. The forger also knows the best places to pass off fake currency and checks to avoid detection. A character skilled in forgery is able to examine documents and compare handwriting to determine if they are legitimate. It is, of course, easier to forge a document if the character has an original to work from. Otherwise, he will have to work from memory.
Forging a seal or reproducing a letter or note requires the proper materials, and an hour or more of time.In order to use this skill you need a Forging Device, which requires a Weaponry Specialty to Create.
• Legal Documents
• Currency
• Coins
• Signatures
• spurious Currency

Climbing (Max Level 3)
The ability of the character to scale and climb up objects and structures. A character with this skill possesses the finger strength and chakra focus to cling to and scale steep surfaces. This allows the character to climb objects quicker without the use of chakra then with it. Popular among Taijutsu users.
• Slide drop – the character is able to nimbly slide down the surface of an object and does not have to waste time climbing down.
• Stealth climbing – the character does not suffer a penalty to stealth when attempting to climb something.
• Fast climb – the character can climb things quicker without chakra then with it.

Leaping (max Level 3)
The character is well rehearsed in all manner of jumps, flips, falls and leaps, a character with this skill possesses the grace and coordination to safety preform dangerous jumps, leaps, and other aerial acrobatics.
• Crash Dive – The character is an expert at surviving falls
• Climbing jump – the character can jump between two walls springing themselves up.
• Silent Jump – The character is skilled at moving silently and does not suffer a stealth penalty when jumping

Safecracking is the process of opening a safe without the combination, generally via a careful manipulation of the lock. There are three primary approaches to safecracking. First, a talented character may be able to crack a lock by sound or feel. Should a would-be thief lack the time, inclination, or talent to attempt to crack the combination in this manner, he may turn his attention to the structural integrity of the safe itself. A knowledgeable safecracker will know where he can safely drill to both observe the inner mechanisms of the lock and, alternatively, manipulate the locking mechanism manually. If driven to desperate measures, a character can also attempt to do enough physical damage to the safe to force it open. This approach is risky, as the method used to breach the safe may also destroy its contents.
• By Ear
• Demolitions
• Drilling
• A specific Safe
• Teaching

The character is a skilled tracker able to pursue prey over land. The character may be able to tell how old tracks are, what sort of animal made them, and the status of its health. This skill is more common among the inhabitants of the farms than those dwelling within the confines of the villages walls, though some ANBU members will have considerable practice with the skill. You must be at Least B-ranked To learn this Skill, unless strange characteristic like Inuzuka Clan.
• Identify Tracks - You need this to know if your tracking the right person or animal.
• Long Distance
• Man Hunter
• Particular Prey (Specific Animal)
• Particular Terrain
• Prey Condition

Acting is the art of portraying oneself as another person entirely. A skilled actor uses this skill to affect different emotional states and mannerisms and to suppress his own while doing so. This is useful to characters using a transformation technique.
• Character Acting
• Comedy
• Director
• Expressions
• Impersonations
• Improvisation
• Mask Theatre
• Melodrama
• Realism
• Drama
• Stage History
• Tragedy

Forensic Science
Forensic Science is the application of deductive reasoning and scientific principles to solve crimes. Forensics can be used to establish a likely sequence of events, give clues to the identity of the perpetrator, and to gather physical evidence. Forensic science includes the analysis of handwriting, fingerprints, and human physical attributes. Forensics is the stock and trade of ANBU detectives who make masterful use of this art. A character with this skill has been trained in careful observation of detail and in interpretation of the aftermaths of human activity. He is able to observe with a trained eye the physical evidence at a scene and make use of this information to determine what has transpired at the location.
• Biological Evidence
• Fingerprints
• Forensic Psychology
• Toxicology
• Trace Evidence
• Teaching

Any sick bastard can cause pain to his fellow men when he wants something from them, but only a character with the Torture skill has actually studied the applied science of causing pain for the purpose of extracting information. These characters are more likely to be creative in their approach to the situation and to finding the answers they seek than someone relying solely on their innate power of intimidation. In fact, characters employing torture are often able to extract the information they seek regardless of whether or not it is actually true.
Torture can be quick and brutal or slow and methodical. Brutal techniques, while fast, can make a mess of the victim and often result in premature death or incomplete information. A methodical professional who takes his time at his work tends to be able to wring more information or a more complete confession from his subject. In either case, the torturer requires a victim who is powerless to halt the physical duress he endures when put to the question. The player controlling the torturer should begin by describing his demeanor, the punishment inflicted on the victim, and the questions asked or comments made.
• Bare hands
• Blunt Trauma
• Electricity
• Knives
• No Marks (There are no marks left on after the torture session)
• Psychology

Demolition is the intentional destruction of a building, generally by the use of explosives. A character with this skill has a broad knowledge of available explosives as well as their use in compromising the structural integrity of buildings. A character with the Demolitions skill can also identify explosives on sight.
• Collateral Damage
• Concealment
• Explosive Type
• Fuses
• Shaped Explosives
• Structure Type
• Timers

Psychology is the science of the human mind. During the Village Era psychology came to be a respectable field of study under the aegis of medicine, and thus, the notion of curing the mentally afflicted began to receive serious attention as well.
ANBU maintains a division devoted to inquiry into the criminal mind: profilers provide valuable insight into the patterns of murder and analysts assist in designing and executing the interrogation.
A character with this skill will have insight into the mental patterns of those with whom he interacts. After interacting with another character; a character with this ski ll will be able to diagnose Mental Qualities, Impediments, and Disorders.
• Abnormal (psychoanalysis)
• Applied (Able to calculate movements and mental thoughts in battle)
• Clinical
• Comparative
• Convulsive-Shock Therapy
• Counseling
• Deprivation Therapy
• Development
• Experimental Treatment (Explain what if you choose this)
• Forensic
• Psychoactive Drugs
• Psychics
• Psychological Warfare (Must have Genjutsu)
• Psychotherapy
• Social
• Teaching

Occult Lore (This SERIOUSLY helps)
Occultists verse themselves in matters mystic for of number of reasons. The search for perfection of the human condition is a profitable one - the financiers of the city are investing heavily in new research, fueling a boom in the alchemical industry and attracting many young scholars interested in lucrative careers. Some believe that salvation from death lies buried in the puzzles and dust of long-dead cultures. Additionally, there is a certain amount of potentially dangerous obsession inherent in studying mankind's deepest secrets; thrill seekers are all attracted to the study of dark secrets as those with a genuine curiosity to uncover the common threads in human consciousness. For many ANBU members occult research is common sense, a means of knowing one's enemy. While some occultists choose to operate independently others dabble in secret societies. These societies may open new doors to success for their members. A society can provide resources and stores of knowledge as well as useful contacts. Those with an occult background who are also possessed of a level head and enough cleverness may become masters at manipulating other people to their own ends.
• Astrology
• Cabala (history of Chakra.)
• Cult Leader (explain when chosen)
• History, (explain when chosen)
• Numerology (Horoscopes, etc.)
• Organizations (explain when chosen)
• a specific culture's Folk Lore
• Spiritualism
• Teaching
• Demonic Lore

Natural Science
Natural science is the rational study of the laws governing the universe. The field subsumes astronomy, biology, earth science, and physics. Though most up-and-coming scientists prefer to study the rapidly growing fields of alchemy, electrical engineering, and nonhuman pathology, natural science remains extremely important to the world at large.
• Agriculture
• Astronomy,
• Biology
• Botany
• Ecology
• Geology
• Identification
• Local
• Medicinal
• Mining
• Physics
• Structure
• Teaching

Note, being a Medical Ninja is not required for this, this does not allow you to "heal" a person without the necessary medicine, you simply know which medicine to use and when.
Medicine is the science of the human body, in sickness and in health. A character with this skill is able to repair wounds and perform operations on the human body. He is, at least, conversant with the proper structure and functioning of the body and thus able to diagnose wounds and illnesses and perform the necessary operations to restore the body to health. The character will be able to observe the physiological responses of his companions and assess their condition even without the opportunity for a complete physical examination. The physician may be able to ascribe sinister causes to symptoms of which the sufferer himself is barely aware. If a medically trained character is given the opportunity to examine a wound, he will be able to determine the nature and severity of the injury and to prescribe a treatment. A character with this skill is familiar with the gross anatomical arrangements of the human body and the peculiarities of the various demonic, unliving and half-living forms. Anatomical medicine is part of the curriculum in a medical college, as it is thought that a doctor should practice cutting a dead body before being allowed to cut into a live one. Thus, the character is able to determine whether a body is human, making judgments on the living or unliving nature of a specimen; a skilled physician can work from very fragmentary materials.
• Anatomy,
• Combat Surgery (Combat Wounds, basic not major)
• Complications
• Emergency Medicine
• Stab Wounds
• Internal Medicine,
• Necrology,
• Neurology
• rehabilitation
• Paediatrics
• Preventive Medicine
• Teaching

Hypnosis, or mesmerism is the dubious art that allows a practitioner to induce a trance stale in others. This practice is common among psychologists because the trance state is thought to permit access to the memories and potentials of the unconscious mind, allowing therapies to act directly on that hidden machinery. Psychologists make use of mesmeric therapy to reveal, modify, or implant memories and unconscious impulses in their patients. The mechanics of basic memory modification are relatively simple and the results generally good, but revelation of a true repressed memory using hypnotic technique requires a highly skilled practitioner due to the malleable and receptive nature of the unconscious mind.
Mesmerism has applications outside the purely scientific Stage hypnotism is practiced by carnies and con men from one end of the world to the other in cheap circus shows designed for the amusement of the masses.
• Induce Thought at certain time
• Implant memory
• Hypnotherapy
• Stage Hypnosis
• Trance Induction
• Teaching

Characters with the Cryptography skill is knowledgeable in the use, design, and deciphering of codes.
• Asymmetric Codes
• Symmetric Codes
• Cracking
• Creation
• Industrial Codes
• Military Codes
• Teaching


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