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Narame [Second Branch]

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Narame [Second Branch]

Post by .Death Angel on Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:26 pm

Narame Clan
History, Legend of the Clan: The Narame was born of a Narusu crystal at the beginning, while no one knew of it's power. It was an experiment at first, testing to see what would happen to the girl they had placed the crystal on. It was a success to say the most, until it became too much. A building fell before the first Narame in history, for her power was too great for normal humans to contain. The crystal known as Narusu was excavated two hundred years ago within the caverns of Naru. The caverns were told to be held a special crystal that came up from the earth's mantle, only a few years before. It's faint red glow from the tip of the cave was enough to prove it's worth to hunters. Not many survived. Thieves, Hunters, Gatherers all fell to it's power. It's life-sucking energies befell anything that came it's way, and destroyed their minds. The Narame was born on the day the girl had reproduced. Due to high hormone levels in breeding with another clan.

Being of such, the clan's traits had very, special meanings to them. They loved to bring war to other clan's, breeding upon them to experiment their crystal on them. But with this lust for war brought, Difficulties. Their defensive and offensive power was far too much for mere chakra-based clans, even for Physical ones. Their lust for more than war grew their clan to immense sizes, and it began to die off from overpopulation. They would not be able to find enough food for the clan in time for their clan mates to die out from starvation or dehydration. Their nutrients had adapted themselves, to be like the crystals that were on their bodies, and merge with nutrients from around them. They were the Narame, the Crystal Gods. But, they almost look like Cat-like humans, with crystals attached to their bodies.

Kekkai Genkai or Bloodline of the Clan: This particular Kekkei Genkai was founded by the Narame after finding a cavern full of a special crystal, known as 'Narusu'. These crystals were then formed to the Narame bloodline, through endless generations of the clan, many of them were prosperous in finding ways of their power over crystallization of chakra, in different shapes and forms of marking themselves with crystals at birth, and through mating through clans. Even with this in mind, the Narame men have always been training with their Kin and family. The women of the clan also trained hardly in severe situations, some of them pleasantly, some not. Only a small shard is placed into a random area of the body, to grow along with the user, and not have mainly any Mutational effects.

The crystal implanted within the user at birth grows with the chakra it feeds off of during the course of the ninja's life. At childhood is the time when the crystal is growing the most, protecting the ninja from little Taijutsu and Ninjutsu tactical attacks. The crystal can be easily manipulated at a certain age of the ninja, around the age of Chuunin and Jounin is the best age for the manipulate of the Crystal. Since this Kekkei Genkai was birthed in the Land of the Moon, this technique works much better in the darkness, more than the light. When the Crescent or full moon of the night is out, power of the crystal is manipulated at a better pace then a regular type of manipulation. With the reflection of the moon's light against the shining colored crystal, it can vary in it's power of the manipulation of crystal and use it to an advantage over most others, and can result in many other types of attacks and defensive types of barriers. But one must stay still and let the moonlight stay in one area of the crystal.

The Crystal is a dangerous sort of crystal, known for Absorbing chakra and manipulating one's genes to a point where it can kill a user if too exposed to it. But when a ninja is implanted with the crystal, it actually absorbs the chakra and stores it for later use on the life of the ninja. Maybe to save their life, maybe for different kinds of purposes.

Power Increase by Moon Light

Aborbstion through Time:
1 Post: E Rank Chakra.
2 Posts: D Rank Chakra.
3 Posts: C Rank Chakra.
4 Posts: B Rank Chakra.
5 Posts: B Rank Chakra.
6 Posts: A Rank Chakra.
7+ Posts: A Rank Chakra.

Chakra Siphoning from Narusu Crystal.

Amount of Chakra Siphoned per post while on target:
E Rank: 1 post.
D Rank: 3 Posts.
C Rank: 4 Posts.
B Rank: 5 Posts.
A Rank: 7 Posts.
S Rank: 10 Posts.

Amount of Chakra Siphoned from Narame during day. Mixed with Regeneration of Chakra due to Evolution of the body matching the amount siphoned:
E Rank: 5 Posts.
D Rank: 6 Posts.
C Rank: 7 Posts.
B Rank: 10 Posts.
A Rank: 15 Posts.
S Rank: 20 Posts.
Clan Information
- Clan Size: 250+ (And growing!)
- Nature and Values: To put it basically. They're a Hormonal race of Crystal-wielding Ninja. They hide their hormones unless in a situation for such. It's not recommended to walk into the village unless you want the distinct smell of sex in your nose for a year.
Additional Information
- Clan Founder: Unknown
- Relationship: Unknown
- Clan Political Structure: Democracy (Or the one who gives better sex to the previous.)
- Important Members: Kairi Narame (Current Leader)
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