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Arashi Kiyoko [Awaiting Approval]

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Arashi Kiyoko [Awaiting Approval]

Post by Arashi Kiyoko on Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:49 pm

Kiyoko Arashi

"There is always a time to help a friend." -Optional

* 'it's society's mask, it's society's way'
{. this is your stage, your character .}

Character Name: Arashi Kiyoko
-------Alias or nickname: Shi
Zodiac Sign: Rat 子
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Hometown: Sunagakure
Sexuality: Straight

Village: None
Rank: A Missin-nin
Element(s): Wind
Main: Puppetry
Sub: Medical
Alignment: Nuetral
Occupation: Criminal
Special Characteristics: Infectious Personality. Ambidextrous.

* 'and the truth is...it's all a façade!'
{. appearance .}

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 143
Hair: Black
Eyes: Sky Blue
Others: None
General Appearance: Arashi is slighty muscular, has pale skin, freckles and always has a smile on his face.

* 'and what's hiding inside....behind all of our fears'
{. the facts .}

Personality: Arashi is one who loves to train but doesnt do well in a team. He usually has a smile, will do anything to save a friend, and is a very good listener. Arashi is very smart and not very modest.

The Clan
History, Legend of the Clan: The Kiyoko clan has been in Sunagakure. They are masters of puppetry and swords. The Kiyoko clan are usually Ambidextrous and have a lot of chakra.

The clan was formed from two people, A great swordsman and a Puppet master. They were both ambidextrous and were great at what they did, making weapons. So when there kids were born, they made them learn how to make strong weapons. So now weapon making is taught generation to generation. It wasnt tell one member, Hoshi Kiyoko, married a medic, Arama Canora. She wanted medic to be taught down generation to generation. It never really happened.
Kekkai Genkai or Bloodline of the Clan: None
Clan Information
- Clan Size: 59 members
- Nature and Values: They really dont care about the ninja world. They will fight in a war but they dont care about what happens to the village or kages.
Additional Information
- Clan Founder: Raiton Kiyoko
- Relationship: Arashi loves to be around his clan. All of his friends are in his clan.
- Important Members: Arashi Kiyoko, Arama Kiyoko, and Raiton Kiyoko

Character Skills
The character knows how to make his way through the streets without calling attention to himself. He knows how to observe a subject while on the move, how to the shadows to avoid detection, utilize probable short cuts, and keep a safe distance to avoid suspicion.
• Hide
• Night

* 'livin' like a masquerade...actin' a bizarre charade'
{. the fun stuff .}

Name: Puppet Performance: Slashing Strikes
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Description: Arashi moves his puppets, Brown Flash and Black Flash to goon the side of the opponent. They charge at him at incredible speeds and stab the opponent in the legs and in the chest.

Weapons with No Special Abilities or Common weapons do not need a description. Simply list them, (example. Kunai, Shuriken, Katana, etc.)
Name: Black Flash
Rank: A
Element: Wind
Natural Abilities: Its a Human Puppet, It was made from someone in the sand Arashi killed. Arashi now uses it as him main weapon. It can use chakra, use jutsus, and anything else Arashi wants it to do. It has places in his hands that shoot out poisoned senbons and on the top side of his forearm a sword comes out.
Special Abilities: The ability to use chakra.

Name: Senbons

* 'is our true self....locked inside the façade!'
{. the history .}


E-D rank Arc:
Arashi was excited, just like all other 5 year olds about going into academy.His mother, Arama Kiyoko, asked Arashi "Hey Arashi. Will you do your best in school."."I will try my best Momma." replied Arashi. When they got the the academy, the academy teacher was standing outside of the door greeting all the students and there parents. Arama let Arashi go to the door by himself. Arashi walks and meets with the teacher. The teacher was around 5'9", had black shaggy hair, muscular and was tan skinned. He was wearing a tan vest with a white shirt under it and had some black pants with some potches on it. He had a big smile on his face. Arashi walks inside and takes a seat. Around 3 minutes later a kad comes and sits next to Arashi. All Arahsi does is smiles. The teacher, Mr. Hasuma, starts to teach about all the different elements."Fire is an element of destruction and chaos. It can be very dangerous by the way all the jutsu's can burn the opponent. Lightning is an element of speed and power. Lightning moves faster the then all the other elements. It can hit you before you even move a muscle. And next was wind. Wind can be used with fans and just by using hand signs. Wind can be dangerous because you can reflect projectiles back at your opponent or send projectiles at your opponent at dangerous speeds. The next element is Water. Water can only be used where water is like lakes, oceans, and rivers. A water user is strongest on an ocean because of the supply of water he has. Water can be used for alot of things like drowning your opponent or even just creating waves to stop fire style jutsus. The last element is earth. The most defensive of all the elements. It can be used to make giant walls or even use it to capture someone in earth. This can also be used to make a village and mountains." said Mr. Hasuma. Arashi was so enthusiastic about what he just learned he ran home after class and asked what chakra element he was. His father said he was probaly was Lightning, his mother said he was probaly wind. They went and got a chakra paper from the academy and told Arashi how to put chakra into the paper. He tried it the first time and nothing happened. They encouraged him to try harder. The next time he did it the paper ripped in half. Arama was so happy that her first son took after her. His father, Hoshi Kiyoko, wanted to teach his son by himself to use puppets and master his element.

The next day Hoshi woke up Arashi early. Hoshi was about to start his lesson. After Arashi ate and cleaned up they went out back into the shack. Hoshi is going to teach Arashi how to make his own puppet. Hoshi brings our some wood peices, some regular weapons, and some ingredients to make a poison. "Ok Son , I am going to show you how to make a low grade poison. If I teach you this, you may only use it against an enemy." says Hoshi. Arashi agrees by nodding. Hoshi starts with a jar of water. He puts in some type of liquid, some leaf things, and something red that was grained up finely. He stirs it all up and pours the jar into 10 vials. Arashi is amazed by how many vials got filled up with so little ingredients. After he put up all the poison he demonstrated the puppet master jutsu.Hoshi summons his puppet, Kitzo, and shows Arashi what it can do. Hoshi makes it walk. Chakra strings from Hoshi's fingers connect to the puppet in 10 places. Hoshi moves his finger and the puppet's arm moves. Arashi was excited to learn it. Hoshi's chakra strings go back and he catches the puppet. "Are you ready to learn this jutsu?" Hoshi asked Arashi. Arashi quicky responed "Yes!". Hoshi tells him to move some chakra through his body and out his fingers, try to make them connect to my puppet. Arashi focuses and alittle chakra comes through his fingers. Hoshi says that he needs to try to add alittle bit more chakra to make this jutsu work. Arashi tries again, this time with alitte bit move chakra. The chakra strings come out quickly and attach to the puppet. "Good job Arashi!" stated Hoshi because of how fast Arashi learned the jutsu. There is something about Arashi that makes him learn things very fast. Hoshi says "Arashi. Now its time for you to make your own puppet. When you get more advanced at using a single puppet, make another one and try out two puppets. A puppet master's limit is 10 puppets. Making a puppet is hard, yet its worth the time. All you have to do is make all the joints able to move and give it some hidden weapons easy to use. But right now you need to goto bed. Start on it tommorow." Arashi goes around front with a big smile on his face and starts to eat dinner. Arashi finishes quickly and runs up stairs. He gets in bed and goes to sleep.

Arashi wakes up very early and dashes down stairs. He makes and eats breakfast and runs out back to the shack. Arashi gets out a chisel and some basic peices and starts to make his first puppet. Arashi works through most of the day and only finishes the basic puppet. He still needs to add weapons, make a scroll, and make more poison. A week passes and Arashi has finished his first puppet. He named it Brown Flash because it has weapons that can kill someone in a flash when used by the right Puppet Master. Right when he finished it he ran inside to show his parents. They were so proud of him. They told him that he would become a very strong ninja. Them telling him that made him want to get stronger and stronger. Arashi made a training area outside of the sand that he trained at everyday. He got determined to become the strongest puppet master to ever live.

4 years have passed. Arashi has basicly mastered puppetry. Arashi now uses two puppets. Arashi is in the process of making a third. But today, one of Arashi's poisoned senbons reflect off a screw and hits him in the arm. Knowing that this poison is alot stronger then his dad's, he rushed to the hospital. When he arrived there, he told them that he has been hit with poison. They rushed him to the emergency room and got his parents. Arashi was fine, but he needed to learn how to use medical ninjutsu. After 3 weeks passed and his wound has fully healed. He went back to the hospital and asked if they could teach him medical ninjutsu. They said " I would be glad to teach you medical ninjutsu." Arashi was so happy to hear that. Arashi became the student of Shinju. Shinju brought Arashi into the emergency room to help her with the situations. A guy is rushed in with a broken arm. Shinju told Arashi everything that is needed to do medical ninjutsu. She started the jutsu and told him to put his hands on her hands. When he did that the medical jutsu got stronger. When she moved her hands away, the medical jutsu stayed there. I stop giving chakra to my hands when his arm was fully healed. "Thank you Shinju. I needed this for my training." Arashi said. "Dont you have a teammate?" Shinju replied. Arashi said nothing and disappeared. Arashi ran to the Kazekage's office to get a mission. "Hey little kid. The only mission we have open is a C rank mission. Do you think you can manage to do that?" said Lord Kazekage. " I think I can handle that low rank mission." replied Arashi. Lord Kazekage states " Ok. I need you to go outside the village. We heard there was a cave not to far from here that needs to be checked in. Please be on your gaurd. " Arashi nods " How much money will this get me? Money is tight right now." "I will decide how much you get when you return." Kazekage replies. Arashi nods and walks out the door. Arashi dashes to his house to get ready for his mission. Arashi packs some food, kunais, water, and 4 vials of poison. Arashi puts on his black robes and runs out of Sunagakure. He runs 1 Km and finds a cave. Arashi thinks this is the one they were talking about. Arashi goes in cautiously and looks around. Arashi summons his puppets and attaches the chakra strings to them. Arashi seems to find nothing to extraodinary. As he starts to walk out, he hears something howl. Arashi turns around and a wolf is standing right behind him. "Good wolf. Dont attack me." says Arashi trying to confort it. The wolf walks towards him slowly. It stops right infront of him. Arashi pets it on the head the head knowing that it is harmless. It gets so happy, when Arashi starts to head back to Sunagakure it follows him. Arashi ran all the way to the Kazekage's office with the wolf following him to tell him what he found. " Hello Lord Kazekage. The only thing I found in that cave was this wolf. This wolf is so friendly, its like hes my new pet." Arashi stated. "All you found was the wolf? Did you check everywhere?" Kazekage replies. "Yes." Arashi said. "Well. I thought there would be more then that in that cave but if thats all you found that is just find. Here is 1000 Ryo. That was told to be a very dangerous cave. So I was amazed you only found that wolf. Well that is all." Kazekage stated. Arashi ran hom, showed his parents the wolf, and went up to bed and went to sleep.

After a few days he noticed that he wasnt getting any stronger. He made two more puppets and asked his dad "Hey Dad. How can I get stronger then I already am?" His dad said he should get a sensei. Arashi doesnt want a sensei because then he would have to work with a team. Arashi got his backpack and packs alot of food, water, 15 vials of medium poison, and all his scrolls. Arashi grabs a kunai and puts a slash though his head band. Arashi starts to walk out of Sunagakure, trying to stay hidden. When Arashi finally gets out of the village there is a sand villager just standing there. It seemed he knew I was leaving. "Arashi! I cant let you leave our village. If you leave this village, I... might have to come after you." said the sand villager. "I will make sure you wont have to come after me." Arashi replied and smirked. Arashi summoned his two puppets , Brown Flash and Kitzo, and attacks the sand villager. "Arash-!" screamed the sand village. But before he could finish the brown flash stabbed him in the heart. Arashi grabs his body and drags it into the cave where he found the wolf. Arashi starts to work on something that he read about in the clan room. A human puppet. Arashi starts working. Within a few weaks, he had made his 5th puppet, Black Flash. This is now Arashi strongest puppet. Arashi starts to wonder, -What if I cut off both my arms and make them into puppet arms? I could make something to give me alot more then 10 chakra strings. I'll do it!- Arashi grabs his sword and cuts off one of his arms "GAAAH!" Arashi screamed. Arashi heals the cut right away to prevent to much bleeding. After 5 weeks pass Arashi has two puppet arms that can use up two 50 chakra strings. Arashi sneaks through the shadows in Sunagakure and steals some wood from the Puppet shack. He also steals some more ingredients for his poison. After he gets all that he runs to his cave and starts to work on more puppets. Arashi knew this would make him alot more stronger.

After around 4 more years passed Arashi has mastered using 13 puppets at once. Arashi couldnt think of many people that could defeat his strongest move, Puppet Performance: Strike of 50 Puppets! Arashi was very confident that the move he could use would help him forever. Arashi was now hiding close to Hoshigakure. Arashi has been stealing food from stalls everywhere and is now counted as a criminal. Arashi knew that if he went into a village and was found, he would probaly be killed. Arashi knew how to sneak around people and look like everyone else. Arashi knew that he would probaly be chased by Sunagakure soon enough. But it hasnt happened yet. Arashi will stay hidden in Hoshigakure till they come after him. He will fight back.

RP Sample:Arashi goes into a deeply fogged forest. He hears a soft crackling noise and turns around in a flash. The sound was a small brown wolf. When Arashi is tired of trying to get through the fogged forest basically blind, he opens his backpack and gets out some food. "I better eat up so this fog can clear. It shouldn't take to long." Arashi stated. Within 30 minutes the fog has completely cleared and now Arashi can continue on his mission to Kumogakure.

Arashi Kiyoko

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Re: Arashi Kiyoko [Awaiting Approval]

Post by Hayato Uchiha on Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:27 pm

You have to post way more on your appearance and personality if you want A-rank.

You have to copy and paste the whole special characteristic, not just the name of it.

You want just two special characteristics? You can have more if you want...

You have to be AT LEAST 18 to be an A-rank shinobi.

For your alignment, you have to pick two, not just neutral.

You don't have any jutsu...not even the basics. I advise you to add more jutsu.

You can have more than one element.

You need to add more to your rp sample, that looks like a genin or academy ranked post.

Go look around at other Jounin ranked apps, that will help you a lot. If you need jutsus, they are right here: http://ninjalegacy.forummotion.com/information-f95/jutsu-lists-t12.htm
The rule book: http://ninjalegacy.forummotion.com/rule-book-f7/rules-and-terms-of-service-t9.htm
Special Characteristics: http://ninjalegacy.forummotion.com/character-application-f4/open-special-characteristics-t24.htm
Hayato Uchiha
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